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1 Year of Stitches Recap: 10 Embroideries from January

1 Year of Stitches

It’s been just over a month since I—along with many, many others—started 1 Year of Stitches. Since that time, I’ve seen more than amazing embroidery; friendships have formed across the world in the Facebook group and Instagram!

It’s so great to see all the different directions that people are taking this project. Some are creating a new embroidered icon every day, while others have a more abstract take on the whole thing. For me, I’ve been creating little illustrated vignettes. I’m hoping that by the end of 2017, my 12″ hoop will be completely covered.

I like the routine that this project has established for me. Prior to starting 1 Year of Stitches, I’d waste away on my computer till bedtime. Now, knowing that I have to stitch, I plan to be off of the computer by a certain time so I can dedicate ample embroidery time. It’s good for me—especially with my tendency to get sucked into internet holes.

Each month, I’ll recap a selection (but certainly not all) of my favorite projects. I’m looking forward to see where all of these go!

1 Year of Stitches by Meg Ritz
Meg Ritz
1 Year of Stitches by Jessica Leigh Nogueira Jessica Leigh Nogueira
1 Year of Stitches by Vee Rose Vee Rose
1 Year of Stitches Patricia Thornhill Patricia Thornhill
Karen Gadbois
1 Year of Stitches, Hannah Claire Somerville Hannah Claire Sommerville (The creator of the 1 Year of Stitches project!)
1 Year of Stitches by @mariainstitches @mariainstitches
1 Year of Stitches by Renée Millette Renée Millette
1 Year of Stitches by Lauren Ridgwell Lauren Ridgwell
1 Year of Stitches, recap: January 2017