Beautifully-Adorned Ceramics by an Illustrator Named Aitch


This isn’t the first time I’ve fea­tured the work of Roman­ian-based illus­tra­tor Aitch on Brown Paper Bag, but it is the first time I’ve shared her ceram­ics. The flat­tened and styl­ized depic­tion of ani­mals and women focus a lot of dec­o­ra­tive sur­face design. Aitch’s illus­tra­tive sen­si­bil­i­ties trans­late well to clay, and their treat­ment is looks sim­i­lar to the Har­ri­et Damave’s tra­di­tion­al Dutch tech­nique of paint­ing cobalt oxide on porce­lain.

aitch aitch3 aitch2 aitch1 aitch6