Alex Sickling: Northern Pots



I am always, always, always on the look­out for cool ceram­ics. I fan­cy myself a prac­ti­cal per­son, so I like it when beau­ti­ful objects also serve some sort of imme­di­ate func­tion.

Cue Alex Sickling’s Etsy shop, North­ern Pots. The sur­face design of her plates, ani­mals, and ves­sels have a very painter­ly tech­nique applied. Lines bleed, objects are imper­fect, all of it adding to Alex’s voice to some­thing that we use every­day.

If you’re a Wuther­ing Heights fan or a fan of tigers, then you should enjoy her wares.

All images via her Etsy shop. H/T Tues­day Bassen.

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