Artist, Drawing

Amanda Gehin

I am sorry for the delayed post today! My brain is currently working at half capacity, as I am suffering from a nasty sinus infection. Have you ever popped your ear and it’s made your jaw ache? I have, last night. Not fun.

Enough with my whining. Onward! Amanda Gehin describes herself a fantasy architecture engineer working in goauche. Amanda’s use of color and media, in addition to her background, give these pieces a unique feel. They have, simultaneously, a feeling of a patchwork quilt and a 8-bit video game.

I really enjoy how Amanda has designed these pieces.The bricks, stair patterns, and rugs give these paintings a Tetris-like movement to me.

All images via Flickr.

Dining Room

Chevrons Surging From H House

Rabbit Folding into Skull Tree

2:02 with Sunset

Impossible Door