Ceramics, Sculpture

Amber Cowan’s Up-Cycled Glass Sculptures

ambercowan5Philadel­phia-based artist Amber Cow­an crafts elab­o­rate and detailed glass sculp­tures made from dec­o­ra­tive (and dis­card­ed) house­hold objects.  She digs through thrift stores to find items from the 1940’s to 1980’s, and then refires them and res­culpts them into what you see here. Look close­ly at her work, and you’ll find swans, cats, fruit, and more.

I grew up going to antique malls, and they hold a spe­cial place in my heart. There’s no lim­it to the weird stuff you’ll find. And, while it might look strange to you, it was at one time cher­ished and seen as pre­cious and/or mean­ing­ful.

Via Hi Fruc­tose. All images via her web­site.

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