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The Color Series | 20 Artworks That Cloak Their Compositions in Blue

Blue illustrations

You can’t under­state the impor­tance of color—especially in art. It wields its pow­er in all sorts of ways, from set­ting the mood to giv­ing us impor­tant visu­al clues. Over the next sev­er­al weeks, I’ll share a selec­tion of illus­tra­tion, paper craft, and embroi­dery that over­whelm­ing­ly uses one hue in its com­po­si­tion. Called The Col­or Series, first up are blue illus­tra­tions.

Blue is one of the most pop­u­lar col­ors to use in an artwork—and it’s no sur­prise. Con­cep­tu­al­ly, it has a lot to offer; envi­ron­ments are cre­at­ed using the hue and make it ripe with sto­ry-telling pos­si­bil­i­ties. Water, sky, and the dark­ness of shad­ows are all the prod­uct of this cool col­or. And, you’ll see that in a lot of the work fea­tured here. Some of it speaks to blue’s melan­choly side, while oth­er pieces focus on the tran­quil­i­ty and calm of which it’s also asso­ci­at­ed.

The color blue can be tranquil… or sad.. or even go bump in the night. Check out how 20 blue illustrations use the cool hue to create compelling visual works.

Illustration by Ana Frois

Ana Frois

Illustration by Kirsten Sims

Kirsten Sims (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Nastia Sleptsova

Nastia Sleptsova

Illustration by Gala Pont

Gala Pont

Illustration by Sonia Alins

Sonia Alins (On Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Maggie Chiang

Maggie Chiang (on Brown Paper Bag)

Embroidery by Slow Stitch Sophie

Slow Stitch Sophie (on Brown Paper Bag)

Embroidery by Elizabeth Pawle

Elizabeth Pawle (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Anne Laval

Anne Laval

Illustration by Marc Martin

Marc Martin (on Brown Paper Bag)

Collage by Celan Bouillet

Celan Bouillet (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Lily Padula

Lily Padula

Blue illustration by Irene Rinaldi

Irene Rinaldi (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Mouni Feddag

Mouni Feddag

Illustration by Julia Iredale

Julia Iredale

Illustration by Captain Lulo

Cheryl Teo (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Lara Hawthrone

Lara Hawthrone

Paper craft by Raya Bujana

Raya Sader Bujana

Paper craft by José Antonio Roda

José Antonio Roda (on Brown Paper Bag)