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1 Year of Stitches, Embroidery

1 Year of Stitches Recap | 10 Embroideries from February

1 year of stitches, Sara Barnes

I know it’s so cliche, but time real­ly has been fly­ing with the 1 Year of Stitch­es project. Month two is now a wrap! (Won­der­ing what I’m talk­ing about? Read more here.) As I look in the Face­book group and on the Insta­gram hash­tag, I’m blown away by all of the amaz­ing embroi­dery that’s in the works. Some folks have tak­en a fig­u­ra­tive approach to their hoop and embroi­dered small scenes, while oth­ers cre­ate abstract com­po­si­tions with thread.

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1 Year of Stitches, Embroidery, How Did You Do That?

1 Year of Stitches’ Creator Talks About Embroidering Through 2016

Details from Hannah Claire Sommerville's 1 Year of Stitches project

I’m over­joyed (and pleas­ant­ly sur­prised!) with just how many have signed up for the 1 Year of Stitch­es project. It’s going to be a fun addi­tion to your 2017—I just know it!

As I’ve men­tioned before1 Year of Stitch­es is the brain­child of Han­nah Claire Somerville. She’s just about to fin­ish up her project and lived 2016 in embroidery—among oth­er things like com­plet­ing grad school! I spoke with her about 1 Year of Stitch­es, and hope her wis­dom and insight will help you know what to expect for your embroi­dered jour­ney.

And if you’re inter­est­ed in joining—or won­der­ing what the heck it is—learn more here. For those that have signed up, expect an email from me today!

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1 Year of Stitches, Embroidery

A “One Year of Stitches” Project as Seen Through One Embroiderer’s Hoop

1 Year of Stitches project by Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Morgan

Last week, I pre­sent­ed a chal­lenge for 2017, and I’m hop­ing you’ll join me! The project is called 1 Year of Stitch­es, and it’s a 365-day project in which you fill a hoop (or two) with a crazy amount of col­ors, pat­terns, and stitch­es. 1 Year of Stitch­es is the brain­child of Han­nah Claire Somerville, who has invit­ed any­one inter­est­ed to join in this impres­sive endeav­or. Inspired by her work, Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Mor­gan embarked on this craft jour­ney in mid-2016. Now, she’s about halfway through (you can start at any time of the year).

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1 Year of Stitches

Make 2017 Your Year of Embroidery: Join the “1 Year of Stitches” Project

1 year of stitches: join the fun!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Han­nah Claire Somerville’s ambi­tious 365-day project called 1 Year of Stitch­es. The name says it all—each day, she adds at least one stitch to the same embroi­dery hoop. Through­out the year, the design grows and grows, tak­ing on a life of its own inside of this cir­cle. In addi­tion to the stitch­es, each day is chron­i­cled via Insta­gram and includes a short post. It’s a com­pelling pub­lic diary of sorts.

I’ve thought a lot about Hannah’s project and decid­ed that I want 2017 to be my 1 Year of Stitch­es. Han­nah has always invit­ed peo­ple to join her, and yes—I will take her up on the offer! I heard from many of you through my week­ly newslet­ter that you’d be inter­est­ed in work­ing on it, too.

So, let’s do it! Let’s make 2017 the year of embroidery. 

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BPB Projects, Embroidery, Sculpture

I Made This: My Halloween Costume

Halloween costume — a bouquet of flowersHap­py Hal­loween! I am a big fan of the hol­i­day (because, can­dy) but nev­er real­ly made an elab­o­rate cos­tume before—until this year. Final­ly , I got my act togeth­er and worked on an out­fit months and months before­hand (I’m a marathon­er, not a sprint­er).

I’m a bouquet of flowers!

Halloween costume, detail To pro­duce this project required a lot of felt and hot glue. It was time con­sum­ing, but not dif­fi­cult. (Process-ori­ent­ed peo­ple, you’d prob­a­bly enjoy mak­ing this cos­tume.) Basi­cal­ly, it’s a green hood (made from felt) with a bunch of hand­craft­ed felt flow­ers glued on top and around the crown of the base. These are the tuto­ri­als I used:

They’re super easy to fol­low and well-doc­u­ment­ed so that you can fol­low along. I wish I had an excuse to make more! After the flow­ers were assem­bled, arranged, and glued, I wrapped tulle around the hood to cre­ate the appear­ance of tis­sue paper. I com­plet­ed it by tying it with a coral-col­ored bow.

I tried to get a picture with my little baby Sadie. She was not pleased.

Halloween costume — a bouquet of flowers

Halloween costume — a bouquet of flowers
BPB Projects

Whimsical Illustrated Guide Aquaints You with 100 Famous Redheads

How often do you see a red­head­ed per­son walk­ing down the street? Prob­a­bly not that much—people with this hair col­or account for less than 2% of the pop­u­la­tion. Illus­tra­tor Eliz­a­beth Grae­ber cel­e­brates these rare indi­vid­u­als in her book A Field Guide to Red­heads. The petite hard­bound book fea­tures 100 famous red­heads (real and fic­tion­al) that run the gamut from straw­ber­ry to gin­ger to auburn to amber. Plus, Elizabeth—a red­head herself—has includ­ed some bak­ing recipes and cock­tails, as well as facts about this stun­ning hair col­or.

I received a copy and had a lot of fun pour­ing through it. To give you an idea of the delight­ful, ener­getic illus­tra­tions, I made a short video that fea­tures near­ly all of Elizabeth’s inky por­traits.

Here’s an even better look at the cover and several spreads:

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

"A Field Guide to Redheads" by Elizabeth Graeber

Artist, BPB Projects, Illustration

I’ve Curated an Exhibition in Los Angeles, and It Opens This Week!


Tomor­row, I’m trav­el­ing from Bal­ti­more to Los Ange­les for an excit­ing reason—I’ve curat­ed a show at the Flower Pep­per Gallery in Pasade­na! It’s called Inside / Out­side fea­tures works that explore indoor and out­door spaces. I’ve lined up fan­tas­tic artists and illus­tra­tors, so I’m look­ing for­ward to see­ing it all come togeth­er.

The open­ing is this Sat­ur­day, August 13, from 6:30PM to 9:30PM at Flower Pep­per Gallery on Union Street. If you’re local, please stop by! I’d love to meet you and say hel­lo.


Here’s a sneak peek—a few more pieces that’ll appear in the show!

Anna Valdez, Plants on Black Wool Embroidered Bed Cover

Anna Valdez, Plants on Black Wool Embroi­dered Bed Cov­er

Betsy Walton, Resting Garden Two

Bet­sy Wal­ton, Rest­ing Gar­den Two

Sarah Burwash, Dawn and Dusk

Sarah Bur­wash, Dawn and Dusk

BPB Projects, Collage, My Studio

My Studio: A New Collage Self-Portrait for Skillshare!


A cou­ple of weeks ago, I launched a class on the online learn­ing site, Skill­share. It’s called Paper Art: Cre­ate a Cut Paper Self-Por­trait, and it demon­strates how to make a fun col­laged pic­ture of YOU! I take you from start to fin­ish: the sketch phase to paper selec­tion to the final por­trait. Through­out the videos (which, col­lec­tive­ly, are about 20 min­utes long), I use this exam­ple:


It’s a cou­ple of years old at this point and outdated—now, I have super short hair, am sans Mon­roe pierc­ing, and I don’t wear glass­es (all the time) any­more. So, for the class, I decid­ed to make a brand new self por­trait to share with the stu­dents. (PS: you can enroll any­time! Please do.)


Here’s my col­lage self por­trait that’s cur­rent­ly in progress. I have a ref­er­ence pho­to, sketch, and a bunch of paint­ed papers that I’m using for my skin, eyes, hair, and cloth­ing. I plan to have the entire thing fin­ished this week. I’ll post it on class’ project page once I’m done.

Part of my paper stash.

Part of my paper stash.





Want in on the fun? Join me!

BPB Projects

Collage Scrap Exchange: My Short List (And Other News)

If you par­tic­i­pat­ed in the Col­lage Scrap Exchange, you might be won­der­ing a cou­ple of things:

1. Where can I see everyone’s sub­mis­sions?
2. Who is the win­ner??

Well, I have a def­i­nite answer for your first ques­tion. You can now view everyone’s sub­mis­sion on the Col­lage Scrap Exchange web­site. There are a lot of entries (496!), but luck­i­ly, it’s end­less scrolling, so go crazy!

As for the sec­ond ques­tion… we haven’t select­ed a win­ner yet, but we’re get­ting close. Kirsten of Papir­mass and I both cre­at­ed “short lists” of entries that we liked, and she’ll ulti­mate­ly decide who will grace an upcom­ing issue of Papir­mass. The win­ner will be announced next Fri­day, so stay tuned. In the mean­time, view her list here!

These col­lages are plucked from my short list. If you’ve been read­ing my round up posts all along, then you might rec­og­nize some of these. And, at the risk of sound­ing like a bro­ken record, I want to say how dif­fi­cult it was to nar­row down the list. There were so many strong sub­mis­sions — we had our work cut out for us.

To all par­tic­i­pants — thank you so much for tak­ing the time for the Col­lage Scrap Exchange. It has been an amaz­ing expe­ri­ence to talk to ya’ll and see your work. And, if you weren’t able to join in the fun, no wor­ries! This Exchange will be hap­pen­ing again.

Jude Worters

Jude Worters

Kelly Hayes

Kel­ly Hayes