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Rose Wong’s Poignant Illustrative Series, ‘Consider Death’

Rose Wong

Last fall, illus­tra­tor Rose Wong had a show called Con­sid­er Death at Grumpy Bert in Brook­lyn. The works includ­ed are poignant and beau­ti­ful in their sim­plic­i­ty —Rose mix­es bold flo­ral ele­ments with geo­met­ric forms, insert­ing a con­tem­pla­tive fig­ure among them. This char­ac­ter, devoid of a face/emotions, could be, as its name­sake sug­gests, con­sid­er­ing the end. It takes the illus­tra­tions to a dark place, but this is in line with Rose’s artis­tic phi­los­o­phy. In an inter­view with Light Grey Art Lab, she explains:

When I get sad or frus­trat­ed, art makes me feel bet­ter. But get­ting myself to draw when I feel down is often an uphill bat­tle. I am often a pos­i­tive and upbeat per­son, but some­times when I draw, the oth­er part of me comes through – the qui­et and con­tem­pla­tive side. I want peo­ple to feel good when they look at my work, but to also find some sad­ness in it. We are all com­plex indi­vid­u­als and life is all about the emo­tion­al expe­ri­ences, whether it be pos­i­tive or not.

See more of Con­sid­er Death on Rose’s Tum­blr. Some of my favorites are below.

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Rose Wong

Drawing, Illustration

11 Highlights from Inktober 2015 (So Far)

Every year, the Ink­to­ber (#ink­to­ber) project encour­ages artists and illus­tra­tors around the world to draw some­thing every­day for the whole month of Octo­ber. It’s a fun exer­cise that can inform lat­er work, which is the whole idea behind the project. The cre­ator, Jake Park­er, writes, “You can do it dai­ly, or go the half-marathon route and post every oth­er day, or just do the 5K and post once a week. What ever you decide, just be con­sis­tent with it. INK­to­ber is about grow­ing and improv­ing and form­ing pos­i­tive habits, so the more you’re con­sis­tent the bet­ter.”

So, I know that we’re only halfway(+) through Octo­ber, but here are some of my favorite illus­tra­tions I’ve seen so far. You can find them with the hash­tag #ink­to­ber on Twit­ter, Insta­gram, Tum­blr, and Behance.

And: Check out 17 of my favorites from Ink­to­ber 2014!

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Wave Your Flag for Mathilde Vangheluwe’s Fantastic Drawings

Mathilde Vangheluwe

Not every artist can make their sketch­es appear like fin­ished works, and vice ver­sa — not every fin­ished piece can have the qual­i­ties of a sketch. Mathilde Vangheluwe is an illus­tra­tor who rides this fine line, and she col­ors her draw­ings with the soft hues of col­ored pen­cils, often leav­ing her ini­tial graphite sketch vis­i­ble. This tech­nique is great way to add some shine and pol­ish to some­thing that can feel raw.

Check out Mathilde’s illus­trat­ed prod­ucts in her shop!

Mathilde Vangheluwe

Mathilde Vangheluwe







Drawing, Illustration

Get a Little Weird with These Gorgeous Pencil Drawings

Alessandra De Cristofaro

Alessan­dra De Cristofaro’s beau­ti­ful draw­ings make me want to pick up a pen­cil. They’re rich in tone and sub­ject mat­ter, often depict­ing inte­ri­or scenes and the idio­syn­crasies of rooms. I love her style, and she places an empha­sis on tiny, visu­al marks that cre­ate a feel­ing of move­ment. It’s as if ener­gy is flow­ing through­out every part of her draw­ing!

Alessan­dra isn’t afraid for things to get a weird some­times: a framed pic­ture of a woman hold­ing a mon­key; a cou­ple dri­ving around a soda can; and a night­time swim with a flamin­go are all things you’ll find in her work.

Are you on Behance? If so, fol­low along with Alessandra’s work!


alessandra-1 alessandra-12 alessandra-8alessandra-19 alessandra-7 alessandra-9 alessandra-10 alessandra-3 alessandra-18 alessandra-16

Drawing, Illustration, Painting

Laura Knight’s Elegant Ink Drawings of Staffordshire Figures

laura knight

I post­ed the above illus­tra­tion on my Insta­gram (@brwnpaperbag) recent­ly, but I like it so much that I had to share it here. British graph­ic artist Lau­ra Knight paint­ed these por­traits that are inspired by Stafford­shire Fig­ures, a pop­u­lar tchotchke for some­one to have in their home.

I’m famil­iar with these types of things after hav­ing vis­it­ed many antique stores with my moth­er and woo­ing over them. Lau­ra explains their appeal to the blog Spi­tial­fields Life. “They were on everybody’s mantle­piece and everybody’s dress­er. They are a vivid back­ground, deep in our mem­o­ries of home. There wasn’t a kitchen with­out a piece of wil­low pat­tern or a mantle­piece with­out a piece of Stafford­shire,” she says.

Do you/did you have any­thing like these fig­ures grow­ing up?

laura-knight5 laura-knight4 laura-knight3 laura-knight



Drawing, Illustration

Kevin Lucbert’s Mysterious, Monochrome Drawings

kevin lucbert

These mys­te­ri­ous draw­ings by French artist Kevin Lucbert pique my curios­i­ty. They are a lit­tle strange, hint­ing at anoth­er world beyond what we can see. The artist uses blank space to his advan­tage and the ful­ly-col­ored areas only make it look more unusu­al in com­par­i­son.

From a for­mal stand­point, I’m real­ly impressed by the visu­al inter­est that Lucbert achieves with only one col­or. He varies the direc­tion of his drawn strokes and uses them to cre­ate direc­tion and implied tex­tured. (Via It’s Nice That)

PS — I got these images through his Flickr. He also has a Tum­blr, too.


kevin_lucbert10 kevin_lucbert9 kevin_lucbert8

Ceramics, Drawing

Lili Scratchy’s Drawings Jump Off the Page and Become Ceramics


It’s safe to say that for years, YEARS, I have cov­et­ed the work of Lili Scratchy. There are a lot of things I like about her work, but must of all adore the style of her col­or­ful char­ac­ters. They are uncon­ven­tion­al and imag­i­na­tive, and I’ve always been impressed how well her work trans­lates from draw­ings to ceram­ics. They prac­ti­cal­ly leap off the page and into your hands.

packmountains in my living rroom
Lili Scratchylili scratchylili scratchylili

assiette smoking rabbitlili6 ladybirds's gang

Here are some of her draw­ings. How awe­some is this sketch­book?


Artist, Drawing

In Gary Kachadourian’s Drawings, You Are The Character

gary kachadourian

Gary Kachadouri­an is a Bal­ti­more-based artist who takes over rooms and cre­ates site-spe­cif­ic instal­la­tions with his draw­ings. I was able to stand in the mid­dle of his work years ago when he was the recip­i­ent of the Mary Sawyers Bak­er Prize and had his work exhib­it­ed at the Bal­ti­more Muse­um of Art. And, let me just say that it was incred­i­ble. The entire space was cov­ered in his enlarged pho­to­copied draw­ings and it was the world accord­ing to Kachadouri­an. It was not only the wall, but the ceil­ings and floor, too.

His work dif­fers from the full-size draw­ings of Char­lotte Mann (fea­tured ear­li­er today), as Kachadourian’s uses graphite to ren­der these engag­ing depic­tions of urban life. Once you step into one of his instal­la­tions, you are a char­ac­ter in his draw­ings. Do so and love it.

All images via his web­site.

gary kachadourian
gary kachadourian 13_wallsfloorsm 13_webtowsoninstallationback213_evergreeninstallationback1a 13_webevergreenwallcomp 13_webbankmachinstalled13_pepsimachine2bweb 13_jerseybarrierspotapot1aweb