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The Minimalist Stylings of Veronica Cerri’s Illustrations

Thanks to Lisa, I became acquainted with the work of Ital­ian illus­tra­tor Veron­ica Cerri. I love the bold, styl­ized nature of these images, and the dry brush tex­ture that she pep­pers through­out these com­po­si­tions. While I really enjoy all of her illus­tra­tions, I am super intrigued by the top image. I would love to see […]

Yvan Duque’s Fantastical and Illustrative Tales

The vintage-inspired illus­tra­tions by Yvan Duque tell fan­tas­ti­cal tales of strange, larger-than-life crea­tures. We see giant squids, ghost-like fig­ures, and even a foxy lady occupy these richly-colored com­po­si­tions. They travel through dark forests, fiery lands, and houses off secluded coasts. The lus­cious reds, blues, and greens remind me of illus­tra­tors like Mary Blair (per­sonal favorite!) and Martin […]

Guest Post: Daniel Fishel Introduces Us to Dasha Tolstikova

Since I’m on vaca­tion this week, I have a cou­ple of guest blog­gers fill­ing in for me! Today the won­der­ful Daniel Fishel is shar­ing the work of Dasha Tol­stikova with us. Daniel is an illus­tra­tor and hand let­terer who paints things for mag­a­zines, book cov­ers and other things. He has a cat named Avo­cado who […]

Kevin Lucbert’s Mysterious, Monochrome Drawings

These mys­te­ri­ous draw­ings by French artist Kevin Lucbert pique my curios­ity. They are a lit­tle strange, hint­ing at another world beyond what we can see. The artist uses blank space to his advan­tage and the fully-colored areas only make it look more unusual in com­par­i­son. From a for­mal stand­point, I’m really impressed by the visual interest […]

Nancy Liang’s Rich Palette of Neutral Tones

Since yes­ter­day fea­tured some col­laged houses, why not con­tinue the trend? Nancy Liang is an Australian-based illus­tra­tor whose proves my the­ory that kraft paper is the best thing to draw on. I love how graphite looks on it, and Liang’s ges­tural marks add some seri­ous visual inter­est. Espe­cially when you look at her squig­gly, out-of-control shad­ows. In […]

Happy Red Fish’s Collaged Houses Held by Forcefields

Build­ings and thread. Two things I love. Oh, and col­lage too. Given these pref­er­ences, it’s no sur­prise that I really enjoy the work of Happy Red Fish, aka Hagar Vardimon-van Heum­men. This Ams­ter­dam based designer adores the com­bi­na­tion of paper and embroi­dery. Thread can act as another way to draw a line or to build a […]

Publications: “Beasts of Fancy” by Erin Zingré

You might know Erin Zin­gré as the tal­ented lady who illus­trated the awe­some header at the top of my blog’s page (prints avail­able). But, she’s also pro­duced two zines that I love and want to share with you today. The Beasts of Fancy series focuses on humor­ous mytho­log­i­cal crea­tures from around the world. In vol­ume one, Erin col­or­fully illustrates […]

Sarah Burwash Draws “The Summit”

I’ve been a fan of Sarah Bur­wash (pre­vi­ously) for years now, ever since I saw her ceram­ics appear on Buy Some Damn Art (I am the proud owner of one her limited-edition hands). She’s released a new series of draw­ings titled The Sum­mit, which are sprawl­ing works where each com­po­si­tion has a lot going on. We see […]

Monica Ramos Makes Me Excited for Fun in the Sun

I don’t know about you, but I am very happy about the warmer temps. With a harsh win­ter, I’m excited to be buy­ing short-sleeve shirts and look­ing for a new pair of black san­dals. You know what else I’m look­ing for­ward to? Swim­ming! And, with Mon­ica Ramos’ fun-in-the-sun illus­tra­tions, it makes me even more eager to […]

Harriet Lee-Merrion’s Quietly Strange Illustrations

Har­riet Lee-Merrion is an illus­tra­tor who’s based in Bris­tol, UK. Her quiet illus­tra­tions are minimalist-style draw­ings that fea­ture a lot of soli­tary fig­ures and deserted spaces. Even when they are bustling scenes, every­one and every­thing still feels like they are on their own. I love the odd and sur­real qual­i­ties in her work. The illus­tra­tions aren’t overtly strange, […]