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Amélie Fléchais’ Gorgeous, Vintage-Inspired Children’s Book

These beau­ti­ful images are by French illus­tra­tor Amélie Fléchais. They’re from her children’s book Le Petit Loup Rouge that was released in June of this year. It starts out say­ing: “Once upon a time in the mid­dle of a thick and mys­te­ri­ous for­est stood a strange tree house, the home of a lit­tle wolf know to everyone […]

Olympia Le-Tan’s Beautiful Embroidered Clutches Look like the Cover of a Book

Book lovers and ocean enthu­si­asts… this post is for you! It’s hot in Bal­ti­more (hello 99% humid­ity…) and sort of rainy, so these nautical-inspired acces­sories by Olympia Le-Tan (pre­vi­ously) seem very appro­pri­ate. The artist/illustrator/maker hand embroi­ders and appliques vin­tage book cover clutches, beaded fish purses, and caviar-themed hand­bags.  So, these aren’t just prod­ucts — they’re works […]

Delightful and Naughty Illustrations by Irene Rinaldi

Irene Rinaldi is an Ital­ian illus­tra­tor whose lim­ited color and floral-heavy scenes are styl­ized in just the way I like. She depicts fig­ures inside and out­side, wear­ing styl­ish clothes and loung­ing on the couch. Aes­thet­i­cally, I enjoy see­ing the bro­ken appli­ca­tions of color paired with bold shapes. Some illus­tra­tions are fun, oth­ers are naughty and all are […]

Judy Kaufmann Cloaks Everything in Her Patterned Work

Illus­tra­tor Judy Kauf­mann recently unveiled Hello Pat­tern, a col­lec­tion of sur­face designs that she cre­ated. It fea­tures a wide selec­tion of geo­met­ric, organic, and typo­graphic forms that can be licensed and applied to paper, fab­ric, wood, and walls! While there are many more pat­terns avail­able on her site, I was drawn to these images where she cloaks the entire […]

Whooli Chen’s Illustrations of Palm-Sized Ponies and Tigers in Jars

I’ve always enjoyed illus­tra­tions that were slightly odd, a lit­tle off-beat, and well, sur­real. Such is the work of Taiwan-based illus­tra­tor Whooli Chen. Her water­color works depict palm-sized ponies, float­ing objects, and draw­ers that take the places of eyes. Strange, yes, but not dis­turb­ing as Chen’s del­i­cate tech­nique and calm­ing col­ors put the viewer at ease.

Incredible Stitched Illustrations by Almas Pieters

Almas Pieters is an illus­tra­tor based in the Nether­lands who cre­ates her illus­tra­tions with things like tex­tiles and embroi­dery thread. She uses a vari­ety of stitches to cre­ate full color and highly tex­tured works of three-eyed beasts, masks, and sev­ered heads. I’m really impressed with the craft of Pieter’s work. The stitches are neatly applied, and […]

Sarah Green’s Illustrations of Dinosaurs and Tiny Men That Fix Your Hair

Happy Mon­day! Here are some delight­fully col­or­ful illus­tra­tions by Sarah Green. They fea­ture a lot of out­door scenes that are full of foxes, bun­nies, and even dinosaurs. Occa­sion­ally, her images are strange and we see fan­tas­ti­cal two-headed dogs, a woman’s long hair full of scis­sors and combs, rab­bit that’s sad­dled up and ready to ride. Green uses a […]

Lisa Rupp Illustrates Entire Gardens on Dishtowels

If you haven’t already noticed, I have a thing for flo­ral print and pat­terns. So, it’s no sur­prise that I’m in love with these bold, graphic illus­trated dish­tow­els by Lisa Rupp. There’s a nice give-and-take of small flow­ers and large blooms, and they cre­ate an entire gar­den on a linen/cotton blend. Pur­chase these babies in […]