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Scurry Past These Gigantic Florals by Melissa Castrillon

Melissa Castrillon

This illus­tra­tion (above) by Melissa Cas­tril­lon is one that I’ve admired for a long time. I love the min­i­mal­ist use of color and all of the delight­ful things that are hid­den within the com­po­si­tion. It isn’t just about this big, castle-like house. There are small crea­tures romp­ing around the over­sized flow­ers and trees.

These busy land­scapes are a recur­ring theme in Melissa’s work. Below, you’ll see other similarly-colored com­po­si­tions and tiny lines. Much of it is screen printed with traces of off­set pig­ments visible

Some of these images are avail­able as prints in Melissa’s online shop. She also has ceram­ics for sale, too!

Melissa Castrillon Melissa Castrillon melissa-castrillon-3 melissa-castrillon-1 melissa-castrillon-2 melissa-castrillon-9 melissa-castrillon-7 melissa-castrillon-6


Vintage Film Stills Reimagined as Tiny Paintings by Ellen Surrey

ellen surrey

I enjoy a good flick, and so I was really excited to see that Ellen Sur­rey was paint­ing these small illus­tra­tions based on film stills. The title and year are labeled at the bot­tom of each piece. So, if any of these paint­ings intrigue you, I’d encour­age you to watch the movie! I’ve never heard of The Cat From Outer Space, but I know that I need to see it.

Ellen writes about this project, stat­ing:

I watch a lot of movies, espe­cially the clas­sic ones. Because I love the look of these movies so much I usu­ally take screen shots while I’m watch­ing. These screen shots make for great ref­er­ence but lately I feel as if I could be uti­liz­ing them so much more. Some­times I have a hard time decid­ing what to draw and paint when that cre­ative urge hits, so I thought I would start paint­ing my col­lec­tion of screen shots.

Each gouache paint­ing is small (3″ x 4″) and on piece of water­color paper. ellen surrey ellen surrey ellen-9 ellen-7 ellen-6 ellen-5 ellen-4 ellen-3 ellen-2 ellen-1



Get a Load of All These Flowers by Mia Charro


Mia Charro is a designer and illus­tra­tor whose love of nature is appar­ent through her bright art­work. She also enjoys fairy tales and magic, and I’d reckon ani­mals, too.

With all of these col­or­ful, flo­ral crowns, I totally want to make my own! That’d be a fun DIY project to make out of paper…

Mia sells a lot of these works as prints through her Etsy shop.

mia charro mia charro mia-charro-5 mia-charro-4 mia-charro-3 mia-charro-2


Elegant Illustrations of Animal Hybrids with Landscapes Bodies

daniel mackie

Daniel Mackie’s water­color paint­ings depict ani­mals that have lush land­scapes con­tained within their bod­ies. A black cat with large eyes has tem­pes­tu­ous sea and giant ship trav­el­ing through its ele­gant body. Like­wise, an owl fea­tures a moon­lit path wind­ing on its chest.

Navy tat­toos are a source of inspi­ra­tions for these illus­tra­tions. Daniel’s web­site, The DM Col­lec­tion, fur­ther describes the process:

In order for the paint­ings to work with so much detail, the shape of the ani­mal was key in the design, it had to be instantly rec­og­niz­able as the crea­ture it rep­re­sented, here Daniel took his cue from Art Deco, keep­ing the shape of the ani­mal as sim­ple as pos­si­ble. Daniel is a big fan of the print­mak­ers of the Ukiyo-e period which was between the 17th and the 20th centuries.

These illus­tra­tions are avail­able in cards, prints, note­books, and more. Buy em here!

daniel mackie

danielmackie-3 danielmackie-4 danielmackie-5 danielmackie-6 danielmackie-7 danielmackie-8 danielmackie-10 danielmackie-11 danielmackie-9

Illustrator, Paper Craft

Faye Moorhouse Lets Ink Do Its Thing With Gorgeous Results

Faye Moorhouse

Faye Moor­house is an illus­tra­tor who I’ve admired for years.  The Brighton-based cre­ative works in water-based media and lets it flow freely on the page. I love its loose­ness and see­ing the feath­ered ink cre­ate their own dif­fused tex­ture sep­a­rate from what Faye draws. This soft­ness, cou­pled with often-abstract com­po­si­tions, pro­duces a dream­like effect in her compositions.

Faye Moorhouse Faye Moorhouse fayemoorhouse-5 fayemoorhouse-3 fayemoorhouse-10 fayemoorhouse-6 fayemoorhouse-8 fayemoorhouse-1 fayemoorhouse-9 fayemoorhouse-11 fayemoorhouse-7

And a lit­tle extra! Faye has her own Etsy shop. Here are some of my favorite paper wares from it.

Paper mobile

Paper mobile

Paper doll kit

Paper doll kit

Sausage dog garland

Sausage dog garland



Collage, Illustrator

Collages That Capture the Imagination of Young Folks

Manon Gauthier

I love all dif­fer­ent types of illus­tra­tion, but my pre­ferred way of work­ing will always be in col­lage. I look at these illus­tra­tions by Manon Gau­thier, and I’m reminded why I love mixed media so much. She’s got a lot of inter­est­ing things hap­pen­ing — espe­cially with lay­er­ing. Small, indi­vid­ual pieces of paper are drawn, painted, and cut, then put together like a glo­ri­ous puzzle.

Manon is a Mon­treal native and a self-taught illus­tra­tor. She worked in the graphic design field for more than 15 years, and decided to devote her­self to mak­ing books for young peo­ple in 2006. Since then, she’s won numer­ous awards for her illustrations.

Manon Gauthier Manon Gauthier ManonGauthier-9 ManonGauthier-4 ManonGauthier-2 ManonGauthier-3 ManonGauthier-7 ManonGauthier-6 ManonGauthier-5 ManonGauthier-8


Check Out Kyootopia, the Mythical Land of Cute

Kathleen Marcotte

Isn’t this tiger charm­ing? Illus­tra­tor Kath­leen Mar­cotte cre­ated it as part of a group exhi­bi­tion called Kyootopia with Bree Lund­berg and Patu Phan. “We wanted the free­dom to inter­pret ‘cute’ within our own styles,” she tells me, “so we cre­ated the myth­i­cal land of Kyootopia, where all things are cute!”

The three illus­tra­tors divided Kyootopia into nine unique islands and imag­ined their art as well as the lit­tle sou­venirs from each locale. Kath­leen cre­ated Avi­a­tion City, Round­about Island, and Facade Falls.

These delight­ful works are a mix­ture of dig­i­tal works and mixed media pieces. She com­bined linocut, cut paper, and pencil.

Kathleen MarcotteKathleen Marcotte TheGreatGallop ABumpyRide In_FlightBlueHorseBlueTwin YellowTwin OutForAStrutRunawayssneakybovine

Animation, Illustrator

Paper Flowers and Fantastic Beasts Fit for Film

lila poppins

Lila Pop­pins is an illus­tra­tor and paper designer who uses her tal­ents to cre­ate fan­tas­tic beasts, lovely blooms, out­door scenes, and much more. In addi­tion to sculpt­ing with paper, she also directs stop motion films. Lila’s Tum­blr fea­tures a few of these ani­mated snip­pets, one of which is a com­bi­na­tion of paper and 2D illus­tra­tion. The film is an illus­trated French poem writ­ten by Jacques Pre­vert and avail­able to view on Vimeo (I’ve also included it below).

And, just a note: illus­tra­tor Clé­ment De Ruyter is the per­son behind the char­ac­ter design of this crea­ture. (Lila did the paper work, obviously!)

clement-designlila poppins lila poppinslila-5 lila-3 lila-1 lila-2 lila-4 lila-9

Collage, Illustrator, Textiles

Exquisite Illustrations Created by Drawing with Thread

Annalisa Bollini

This past week­end, while watch­ing the lat­est episode of Mad Men, I started a new embroi­dery. It’s my first one in many months! It feels good, ya’ll. Just like the work of Annal­isa Bollini. The Ital­ian illus­tra­tor cre­ates these mixed media scenes that are a com­bi­na­tion of embroi­dery, appliqué , and paper bits. She has exquis­ite line work that’s made with tiny stitches, and I love how it’s a sub­sti­tute for a pen or pencil.

Annal­isa has prints of her work for sale in her Etsy shop. You’ll find brooches there, too.

And… one last that’s apt, espe­cially since it’s Fri­day. Annal­isa gives this sage advice on her web­site: If you don’t know what to do, eat some chocolate!

AnnalisaBollini-4 AnnalisaBollini-12 AnnalisaBollini-2 AnnalisaBollini-1 AnnalisaBollini-10 AnnalisaBollini-8 AnnalisaBollini-6 AnnalisaBollini-11 AnnalisaBollini-7 AnnalisaBollini-9 AnnalisaBollini-5


Beautiful, Multilayered Fantasies by Danse de Lune

Danse de Lune

Get lost in the magic of Danse de Lune (for­merly Art and Ghosts). She’s a UK-based illus­tra­tor who has a pen­chant for col­or­ful folk­lore and dark, dreary skies. I love the mul­ti­lay­ered, fan­tas­ti­cal feel that these pieces have. They’re soft with a lot of visual oomph — just look at all of the tiny, intri­cate details! Danse gives us some insight to her work, writing:

The larger part of my work is con­cerned with the pro­tec­tion and wel­fare of nature, chil­dren, and non-human (occa­sion­ally mag­i­cal) crea­tures: per­haps as a result of my ear­li­est expe­ri­ences and a sense of close iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with the hid­den, noc­tur­nal things which speak an unknown lan­guage. Ani­mals con­cern me espe­cially, whether mag­i­cal or quite ordinary.

Dreams and the uncon­scious (Jun­gian) also play a pre­dom­i­nant role in my work, along­side sym­bol­ism, mys­ti­cism, folk­lore, mythol­ogy and fairytales.

Check out Danse’s Etsy shop for prints.

Danse de Lune art-and-ghosts-2 art-and-ghosts-7art-and-ghosts-11 art-and-ghosts-12 art-and-ghosts-4 art-and-ghosts-6 art-and-ghosts-9