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Illustrative Tea Towels Inspired by Folklore by Mirdinara Kitchen

Ya’ll. Ever since Lisa sent me the link to Mir­di­nara Kitchen, I’ve been admir­ing the entire line of tea tow­els. They are designed by illus­tra­tor Dinara Mir­tal­ipova and are inspired by her eth­nic back­ground and folk­lore (she’s orig­i­nally from Tashkent, Uzbek­istan). You can see the influ­ence in her visual lan­guage; the style of flow­ers and women with […]

Eirian Chapman’s Stylish Digital Illustrations

I like the above illus­tra­tion so much that I made it the wall­pa­per image for my iPhone, iPad, and desk­top com­puter. (I found it at Poolga!) This pat­tern is by Aus­tralian illus­tra­tor Eirian Chap­man. She cre­ates these styl­ized illus­tra­tions fea­tur­ing bright col­ors, awe­some fash­ion, and inter­est­ing objects. I enjoy dig­i­tal illus­tra­tion, but it’s nice to see that Eirian […]

A Horse Playing a Saxophone? Why Not! Illustrations by Hyunyoung Kim

Wel­come to the strange, col­or­ful world of Brooklyn-based illus­tra­tor Hyun­y­oung Kim. I love the over­sized flow­ers, peo­ple, and… horses wear­ing a bow-tie? And play­ing a sax­o­phone? Great! Take a close look to see all of the won­der­ful details that Hyun­y­ong has included in each ener­getic com­po­si­tion. With a port­fo­lio of weird, it’s impor­tant for it all […]

BPB’s October Header Illustration: “Lucy” by Katy Horan

Another month, another new header image for Brown Paper Bag! I’m delighted to share with you Katy Horan’s gor­geous, haunt­ing illus­tra­tion that she calls Lucy. It’s based on the char­ac­ter  Lucy West­enra from the clas­sic story Drac­ula by author Bram Stoker. Per­fect for the spooky month of Octo­ber, right? As always, the work is for sale in the Brown Paper […]

Small Ceramic Spoons with Big Personalities by Nayanai

For some rea­son, I’m really par­tic­u­lar about the spoons that I like to use. They can’t be too large or small (I don’t want to feel like I’m hold­ing a uten­sil made for a baby), and it’s best if they are beau­ti­ful, too. With those stip­u­la­tions in mind, I’d totally use these ceramic spoons by […]

Vintage-Inspired Illustrations by Gosia Herba Are Sorta Dark… And I like It

Gosia Herba is a Pol­ish illus­tra­tor whose edi­to­r­ial images fea­ture larger-than-life women, reflec­tions that have a mind of their own, and other sur­real sit­u­a­tions. It’s this, cou­pled with her vintage-inspired style (even some ele­ments of Cubism thrown in there!), that ini­tially drew me to her work. I love illus­tra­tions that offer me some­thing beneath the sur­face. Goisa’s work looks […]

Barbara Dziadosz’s Illustrations are Channeling Bubble Gum

…How could I not imag­ine bub­ble gum after see­ing that pink? Don’t get me wrong — that’s not an insult. Gum is deli­cious. I had a hard time select­ing what illus­tra­tions by Bar­bara Dzi­a­dosz to dis­play here. They’re all great! I’m espe­cially fond of the ter­rar­ium that has a cat inside of it. Bar­bara says that she […]

Illustrators with Ink: Tuesday Bassen

I love tat­toos and have sev­eral of them. They’re another form of illus­tra­tion — except these are per­ma­nently etched into your skin! And, whether or not you have any of your own, I think most of us agree that they (gen­er­ally) look pretty neat. So why not show ‘em off? Let’s check out the tat­toos of the […]

Spotted at SPX: Illustrations by Natalie Andrewson

This past Sun­day, I made my way to the Small Press Expo in Bethesda, Mary­land. It’s my third year of attend­ing and I enjoyed it, as always. One of the things I bought was a print (above) by Brooklyn-based illus­tra­tor, Natalie Andrew­son. I’m excited to get this one framed and hung up! That illus­tra­tion, of course, […]