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Paper Craft

Paper Craft

Iconic Floral Artworks Faithfully Recreated as 3D Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers Art Masterpieces

Read Brown Paper Bag for any length of time and you’ll see my affin­i­ty for both paper craft and flow­ers. I can’t get enough! Sarah Yaka­wo­nis is the lat­est paper artist to catch my eye with her shop Fold­ed Petal. Her Mas­ter­pieces series involves her repli­cat­ing some of art history’s most famous flow­ers, like Van Gogh’s Iris­es, to cre­ate a 3D ver­sion of the clas­sic paint­ing.

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The Fine Art of Paper Flowers’ Is a Recipe Book for Crafting Your Own Gorgeous Blooms

The Fine Art of Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner // paper flowers DIY

I know that just last week I start­ed the series Around the World, and I had all inten­tions to con­tin­ue it today. But, I got a lit­tle dis­tract­ed when Tiffanie Turner’s The Fine Art of Paper Flow­ers arrived in the mail. I love mak­ing faux flowers—last Hal­loween, I made a whole bunch of them for my cos­tume—but I hadn’t tried mak­ing paper flow­ers before. I was eager to give one of her tuto­ri­als a try.

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The Color Series | 20 Artworks That Cloak Their Compositions in Blue

Blue illustrations

You can’t under­state the impor­tance of color—especially in art. It wields its pow­er in all sorts of ways, from set­ting the mood to giv­ing us impor­tant visu­al clues. Over the next sev­er­al weeks, I’ll share a selec­tion of illus­tra­tion, paper craft, and embroi­dery that over­whelm­ing­ly uses one hue in its com­po­si­tion. Called The Col­or Series, first up are blue illus­tra­tions.

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Paper Craft

Tiny Talisman are Pocket-Sized Paper Craft That Wish You Good Luck

Tiny talisman you can hold in your hand

Juli­ette Sallin, aka Gang of Frey­ja, is an illus­tra­tor and cut paper artist who works on a minia­ture scale. She’s recent­ly cre­at­ed a series of “pock­et tal­is­man,” which fea­ture styl­ized hands and paper flow­ers encased in small glass jars. The exquis­ite cre­ations are small enough to fit between two fingers—and put in your pock­et for good luck. “I like to think of my paper cuts as tiny trea­sures that reveal a secret we all car­ry deep inside,” she says. “[That] our innate rela­tion­ship with our world is light­heart­ed and sen­su­ous.”

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10 Inspiring Paper Artists to Follow on Instagram

Follow the best paper artists on Instagram

Over the past 4 weeks, I’ve shared over 30 of my favorite Insta­gram feeds from some of my must-fol­low cre­atives. Through embroi­dery artists, illus­tra­tors, and sketch­book keep­ers, it’s so easy to be inspired by sim­ply turn­ing on your phone.

In one of the final stops of our tour, I’ve select­ed 10 of the best paper artists on Insta­gram. They each have their own way of work­ing and turn­ing the 2D mate­r­i­al into spec­tac­u­lar 3D sculp­tures.
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