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Isobelle Ouzman Transforms Discarded Books into Sculptural Illustrations

Isobelle Ouzman
Dis­carded books have found a new life with the work of Iso­belle Ouz­man. Her intri­cate, sculp­tural illus­tra­tion carve into the pub­li­ca­tions’ pages, cre­at­ing mys­ti­cal land­scapes that tell a whole new story—separate from the book’s orig­i­nal tale. Many of her com­po­si­tions fea­ture pen and ink draw­ings, but some­times she’ll accent areas with water­color paints.

Ouz­man sells her altered books through her Etsy shop. She occa­sion­ally takes com­mis­sions, too. Wouldn’t this be per­fect for the book lover in your life?
Isobelle Ouzman











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Beautifully Delicate Paper Flowers and Insects by Woodlucker


Ann Wood and Dean Lucker are the duo behind Wood­lucker, a stu­dio that cre­ates inter­ac­tive mechan­i­cal sculp­tures and botan­i­cal paper cre­ations. I’ve been on a paper flower kick for a while now, so that’s what I was instantly drawn to when look­ing at their beau­ti­ful Insta­gram.  Each petal, wing, and stem is crafted with care, and this atten­tion to detail is evi­dent in every facet of the work, includ­ing the tiny brush strokes that adorn paper’s surface.

If you’re local to Min­neapo­lis, you can visit the Wood­lucker stu­dio and see these gor­geous pieces in per­son. They open their work space to the pub­lic at least a cou­ple of times a year. Find out more here. Oth­er­wise, admire them from afar, just like me! (H/T Per­rin)







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New Plush Dolls by Cat Rabbit are Based on Recent Trip to Japan

Cat Rabbit

Sep­tem­ber is one of my favorite months. Not just because of the cooler tem­per­a­tures, but because it’s my birth­day, too! (I sus­pect that many peo­ple chose their birth­day month as their favorite, too.) First on my gift wish list? These plush dolls by Cat Rab­bit (pre­vi­ously)! They are totally adorable and the detail­ing is, as always, impressive—especially with the small accessories.

All of these char­ac­ters were cre­ated for Cat Rabbit’s show Return to Twin­kle Plaza at the Brisbane-based Outré Gallery, which is based on her recent trav­els. “I used mate­ri­als and sup­plies that I sourced in all of those amaz­ing craft stores you find every­where in Japan,” she writes on her blog,  “includ­ing wool from bricoleurs in Sap­poro and lovely tra­di­tional fab­ric from Nip­pori Fab­ric Town.”

If you’re local check out Cat Rabbit’s show until Sep­tem­ber 7. Buy works from the show on the Outré Gallery web­site.







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These are the Cutest 3D-Printed Characters You’ll See Today


Aren’t these the cutest? I think I’m in love. Melbourne-based MIMAW (short for Micro.Macro.Workshop) cre­ated these char­ac­ter bowls, which dou­ble as delight­ful pen­cil hold­ers and planters. They have 3D-printed bod­ies and hand-painted details (like those smil­ing faces!). MIMAW uses biodegrad­able PLA (Poly Lac­tic Acid), which is used in food pack­ag­ing and con­tain­ers. It’s strong, durable, and won’t shat­ter like porcelain.

MIMAW is pas­sion­ate about com­bin­ing emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies and tra­di­tional meth­ods of work­ing, pro­duc­ing func­tional pieces that “inject delight and embed itself in the everyday.”

Now, the big ques­tion is… which one do I pick?












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Illustrative and Intricately Crafted Relief Sculptures by Martin Tomsky

Martin Tomsky

Mar­tin Tom­sky is a London-based illus­tra­tor who cre­ates bril­liant relief sculp­tures with lay­ers of laser cut stained ply­wood. They range in size from small acces­sories to larger, more intri­cate art­works. Mar­tin hand-assembles each piece and sells them in his Etsy shop, Tom­sky Store.

The amount of detail in these 3D illus­tra­tions is remark­able. The fish, for instance, includes more than a sim­ple skele­ton. It fea­tures fan­ci­ful flour­ishes with tiny crea­tures that are hid­den amongst them. Take a close look and you’ll see all of Martin’s clever addi­tions. It’s not what’d you expect from wood.

Martin Tomsky
Martin Tomsky

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Elin Thomas Makes Moldy Petri Dishes Look Cuddly

Elin Thomas

Artist Elin Thomas makes moldy petri dishes look cute and cud­dly. Using a com­bi­na­tion of embroi­dery thread, cro­chet, and nee­dle felt­ing, she cre­ates unique tex­tile pieces. The fuzzy felt pro­duces the effect of tiny hairs sprout­ing from the yarn spores.

If some­thing has mold on it, I’m usu­ally grossed out. But not with Elin’s work! She’s able to make these sci­ence projects into appeal­ing brooches, rings, and art for your home. Check out more of her acces­sories on Etsy.


Elin Thomas

Elin Thomas

Elin Thomas








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Bear Skin Rug? Nahhh. How About a Monster Skin Rug?

Joshua Ben Longo

Years ago, on Pin­ter­est, I saw this Mon­ster Skin Rug designed by Joshua Ben Longo and fell in love. It’s a clever take on those bear skin rugs you see in the movies, except more fun and a lot less cruel. They’re made of 50% wool / 50% poly­ester felt scales that are then sewn to a felt sil­hou­ette and stuffed with poly­ester. Plus, they plas­tic teeth!

It turns out Longo had been mak­ing the rugs by hand for years, but at a very high cost for the con­sumer. Now, he’s turned to Kick­starter to help with the cost of pro­duc­tion and pro­duce Mon­ster Skin Rug in vol­ume. For $425, you can own this delight­ful piece of decor.

If $425 is out of your price range, Joshua has other monster-related items you can own. Fin­ger pup­pets, totems, and other soft sculp­tures are all avail­able.

Joshua Ben Longo monster-rug-3 monster-rug-4 monster-rug-5

And, a lit­tle extra. Another cre­ation by Joshua!

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An Interactive Comic, Microorganisms & More: the MFA ILP Show

Illustration Practice

Two Fri­days ago, I had the plea­sure of attend­ing the MFA Illus­tra­tion Prac­tice (MFA ILP) The­sis Exhi­bi­tion at Mary­land Insti­tute Col­lege of Art (MICA). I was really excited to see the show, as I grad­u­ated from the pro­gram in 2013 (the first class!) and wasn’t as famil­iar with this year’s work.They didn’t dis­ap­point! I was really impressed with every­thing I saw, and I admire how they’ve pushed the bound­aries of what illus­tra­tion is/can be. (This idea is the cor­ner­stone of the MFA ILP program.)

So, with­out fur­ther ado, here are some pic­tures of the exhi­bi­tion, but this is by no means a com­pre­hen­sive look. If you’re local to Bal­ti­more, stop by the show before it closes on April 12!

Check out more pic­tures from the exhi­bi­tion on my Flickr. (Beware — they’re unedited.)

Il Sung Na

Illustration Practice

I’ve had my eye on Il Sung Na’s work since the end of 2014. I bought one of his adorable ceramic crea­tures at MICA’s Art Mar­ket and totally want more of ‘em. He had a bunch of through­out his space, and I wish he had them for sale at the opening!

Il Sung Na Il Sung Na Il Sung Na il-sung-na-2 il-sung-na-1

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Insanely-Detailed Paper Animal Masks by Mlle Hipolyte

Look at all of these tiny pieces of paper! French illus­tra­tor and paper designer Mlle Hipolyte cre­ated these gor­geous ani­mals masks that are awe-inspiring in their intri­cate details. Seri­ously. Just take a look at the individually-folded pieces of paper lay­ered on top of one another. They build a col­or­ful, tac­tile form that mim­ics fur.

Mlle pro­duces 2D illus­tra­tions, too. Check out their Behance and Face­book for more.


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Fancy! Adorable Hand-Felted Cat Creatures and Regal Poodles

cat rabbit plush

I know, I know. It hasn’t been all that long since I fea­tured the adorable stuffed crea­tures of Cat Rab­bit Plush. But, I vis­ited her Big Car­tel shop the other day and was excited by what I saw! She’s added hand-felted fancy poo­dles and well-dressed cat crea­tures with their own lit­tle pets.

Since writ­ing about her work, I now own one of Cat Rabbit’s pieces — a flo­ral alpaca. And, I can attest at how well these are con­structed. They’re pos­able and chock-full of fun details like tiny flo­ral blooms and col­or­ful cheek high­lights. It only makes me want to buy more, more, and more.

cat rabbit plush

cat-rabbit-8 cat-rabbit-7 cat-rabbit-3 cat-rabbit-4 cat-rabbit-5 cat-rabbit-6 cat-rabbit-9