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Elin Thomas Makes Moldy Petri Dishes Look Cuddly

Artist Elin Thomas makes moldy petri dishes look cute and cud­dly. Using a com­bi­na­tion of embroi­dery thread, cro­chet, and nee­dle felt­ing, she cre­ates unique tex­tile pieces. The fuzzy felt pro­duces the effect of tiny hairs sprout­ing from the yarn spores. If some­thing has mold on it, I’m usu­ally grossed out. But not with Elin’s work! She’s able […]

Bear Skin Rug? Nahhh. How About a Monster Skin Rug?

Years ago, on Pin­ter­est, I saw this Mon­ster Skin Rug designed by Joshua Ben Longo and fell in love. It’s a clever take on those bear skin rugs you see in the movies, except more fun and a lot less cruel. They’re made of 50% wool / 50% poly­ester felt scales that are then sewn to a felt […]

An Interactive Comic, Microorganisms & More: the MFA ILP Show

Two Fri­days ago, I had the plea­sure of attend­ing the MFA Illus­tra­tion Prac­tice (MFA ILP) The­sis Exhi­bi­tion at Mary­land Insti­tute Col­lege of Art (MICA). I was really excited to see the show, as I grad­u­ated from the pro­gram in 2013 (the first class!) and wasn’t as famil­iar with this year’s work.They didn’t dis­ap­point! I was really […]

Insanely-Detailed Paper Animal Masks by Mlle Hipolyte

Look at all of these tiny pieces of paper! French illus­tra­tor and paper designer Mlle Hipolyte cre­ated these gor­geous ani­mals masks that are awe-inspiring in their intri­cate details. Seri­ously. Just take a look at the individually-folded pieces of paper lay­ered on top of one another. They build a col­or­ful, tac­tile form that mim­ics fur. Mlle pro­duces 2D illustrations, […]

Fancy! Adorable Hand-Felted Cat Creatures and Regal Poodles

I know, I know. It hasn’t been all that long since I fea­tured the adorable stuffed crea­tures of Cat Rab­bit Plush. But, I vis­ited her Big Car­tel shop the other day and was excited by what I saw! She’s added hand-felted fancy poo­dles and well-dressed cat crea­tures with their own lit­tle pets. Since writ­ing about her work, […]

Adorably Tiny Totems Mean You Can Carry Your Spirit Animal with You

Small Wild is the online shop of Danielle Ped­er­sen, and it’s where she cre­ates tiny ani­mal totems out of clay. The adorable ceramic crea­tures are dec­o­rated with gold accents and other defin­ing details. Some­times, she’ll strap fab­ric acces­sories to their back, as seen above. I like the idea of car­ry­ing around an object that brings you com­fort, and that’s […]

Find a Comforting Glow in These Cardboard Homes

Vera van Wolferen calls her­self a “card­board­craftswoman,” because she cre­ates intri­cate and meticulously-constructed scenes out of card­board. They’re incred­i­ble! Using the white/gray vari­ety, she adds a few other mate­ri­als that result in dream-like scenes. I love how the shut­ters, weather vanes, and wind­mills are all artic­u­lated, as if they’re placed one by one. You can tell […]

Chanel Couture’s Amazing Floral Backdrop Featuring 300 Blooms

It’s no secret my love for paper sculpt­ing, and so when I saw the Chanel Spring 2015 Cou­ture Run­way, I was instantly enthralled. The flo­ral theme fea­tured an arbore­tum of white card­board palms con­structed under a glass ceil­ing. And, bet­ter yet, they moved! It took 6 months to pro­duce the 300 flow­ers that dec­o­rated the set. […]

Colorful Tapestries Find New Life as Taxidermy Skin

French artist Frédérique Mor­rel com­bines tapes­try and taxi­dermy to cre­ate fresh and unex­pected works. Deer, moose, and cat­tle tell vibrant sto­ries on their new skin that fea­tures a dizzy­ing array of col­ors, pat­terns, and peo­ple. I’ve always been fas­ci­nated by both taxi­dermy and tapes­tries, so the fusion of the two is excit­ing to see. But, many peo­ple don’t think of these […]

Paper-Cut Illustrations with a Relief-Sculpture Feel

Last week, I shared paper-crafted illus­tra­tions by Estu­dio Guard­a­bosques and this week it’s the hand­i­work of Maëlle Doliveux. The New York-based cre­ative sculpts paper into edi­to­r­ial illus­tra­tions for clients like Newsweek and the Boston Globe. But really, our enjoy­ment doesn’t hinge on the fact that these are pro­fes­sional assign­ments. She’s made inter­est­ing and beau­ti­ful images that stand on their own as […]