Claire Loder’s Intriguingly Strange Ceramic Heads

It’s day 2 of Brown Paper Bag’s Ceramics Week! Today, let’s take a look at Claire Loder’s intriguing heads…

Claire Loder

I’m simultaneously disturbed and enthralled by Claire Loder’s work. The strange and beautifully-crafted ceramic pieces have an air of mystery about them. We see their soft facial expressions as well large, foreign-looking growths that cover the entirety of their face. Loder speaks about the concept behind her heads:

Since august 2005 I have been preoccupied with making heads and faces, exploring the possibilities for psychological narratives. Contemplation and melancholy are perpetual undercurrents. As I rarely deal with anything below the neck I’m interested in the head as a metaphor for the complete body.

claire loder


claire-loder7claire-loder3 claire-loder4


claire-loder5 claire-loder6 claire-loder8