Ed J. Brown Illustrations Are a Big Sexy Jigsaw

ejb9Ed J. Brown seems like a fun guy based on the bio on his “About” page, prov­ing that you should nev­er under­es­ti­mate the pow­er of a well-writ­ten blurb about your­self. Its tone is an easy way to give the view­er a sense of who you are. Read his amus­ing prose:

Ed would describe him­self as a dig­i­tal artist with print based ten­den­cies. Inspired by ana­logue print tech­niques such as etch­ings, wood­cuts and silk screens. Ed is a bit of a tex­ture freak.

All his work con­sists of com­plete­ly hand drawn and hand made images, even the colours he uses come from scanned in sug­ar paper — this is all assem­bled in Pho­to­shop like a big sexy jig­saw.

…Big sexy jig­saw. Yes. All images via his web­site. Fol­low him on Tum­blr, too.

Ed J. Brown Ed J. Brown ejb4 ejb5 ejb6 ejb7 ejb8Ed J. Brown