Emily Haasch collages

bucket o' blood

Emily Haasch is a collage artist and designer living in Chicago. Her general collage aesthetic is minimal and controlled, with bursts of gesture and sometimes mayhem. A photograph or carefully cut paper is often joined with paper that’s been torn or crumpled, sometimes using ink. Emily writes about her process, saying, “In my practice, I like to work with the lushness of physical material, space, and color in order to illustrate particular moments of emotion. In many pieces, the variations of proximity, exclusivity, and escapism are the major focus.”

I introduced Emily as a collage artist and designer. In addition to her artwork, she is completing a degree in visual communications at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. This has helped yield the publication Offline, which focuses on self-initiated projects by designers, artists, and makers within Chicago.

All images via Flickr. Check out her website, too!


a long time