eyra on BPB: Ana Benaroya for Long Form



Every Thursday I share something from eyra, my online illustration gallery. Look to it for contemporary illustration! You can shop, view, and read about illustration all through eyra.co.

Ana Benaroya is an illustrator who has a piece in eyra’s newest exhibition, Long Form, which features work of unusually long or tall sizes. In Ana’s piece, Rulers of the Underworld, she’s chosen to create a diptych. Buy the original (14″ x 33″ in size) or prints from eyra’s shop!

I really enjoyed the challenge of working in a long format, something I never really do! I thought to approach it as a collage or juxtaposition of two separate paintings – one of the reclining woman and the other of the torso of a man. I painted them simultaneously, going back and forth, so they would be connected in this way, even though they are on separate sheets of paper. I always like to leave some element of chance or “mistake” in my work. By joining the two paintings at the end, I allowed for this to happen.

What I like about Rulers of the Underworld is the mystery behind it. Who are this man and this woman? With the obstructed figure, what can we ascertain from the man based on what Ana has presented?

More works by Ana, via her blog and website.

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