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In Gary Kachadourian’s Drawings, You Are The Character

gary kachadourian

Gary Kachadourian is a Baltimore-based artist who takes over rooms and creates site-specific installations with his drawings. I was able to stand in the middle of his work years ago when he was the recipient of the Mary Sawyers Baker Prize and had his work exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art. And, let me just say that it was incredible. The entire space was covered in his enlarged photocopied drawings and it was the world according to Kachadourian. It was not only the wall, but the ceilings and floor, too.

His work differs from the full-size drawings of Charlotte Mann (featured earlier today), as Kachadourian’s uses graphite to render these engaging depictions of urban life. Once you step into one of his installations, you are a character in his drawings. Do so and love it.

All images via his website.

gary kachadourian
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