Grace Danico


Illus­tra­tion is a form of prob­lem solv­ing. You take an arti­cle, a cre­ative brief, etc., and apply your unique lens to the prob­lem. Some illus­tra­tors have a style that is very dis­tinc­tive and gen­er­ally looks the same. Not every­one chooses to work this way. Some peo­ple enjoy let the tone of a project dic­tate the exact visual solution.

I would put illus­tra­tor Grace Dan­ico in the lat­ter camp. While her shapes and visual lan­guage are con­sis­tent, she is obvi­ously com­fort­able with sev­eral dif­fer­ent ways of work­ing, whether this be sim­ple line draw­ings, dig­i­tal col­or­ing, or printmaking.

You’ve prob­a­bly heard of Grace before, espe­cially if you read the illus­tra­tion and design blog Grain Edit. She writes for it and is the illus­tra­tion editor.

All images via her web­site.








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