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The Color Series | 15 Illustrations + Embroidery That Form a Fortress of Green

Green illustrations

Anoth­er Mon­day, anoth­er edi­tion of The Col­or Series! Over the past cou­ple of weeks, I’ve picked illus­tra­tion and crafts where one col­or dom­i­nates the rest (in a good way, of course) in com­po­si­tion and form. So far, we’ve seen tran­quil blue and pink rever­ie. Now, it’s time for green embroi­dery and green illus­tra­tions.

Most of my selec­tions revolve around nature—particularly the lush­ness of land­scapes. In illus­tra­tions from Jean Jul­lien and Hele­na Perez Gar­cia, dense veg­e­ta­tion con­sumes a com­po­si­tion and cloaks it in a beau­ti­ful wall of leaves. It’s a fortress of green.

Green is the color of nature, like lush leaves and dense forests. Check out how 15 green illustrations and embroidery use this hue in their work.

Kate Pugsley illustration

Kate Pugsley (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Lior Katzir

Lior Katzir

Embroidery by Sasha Marchuk

Sasha Marchuk

Illustration by Lucie Brunellière

Lucie Brunellière (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Lisk Feng

Lisk Feng

Illustrations by Oamul


Embroidery by Emma Mattson

Emma Mattson (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Rose Wong

Rose Wong (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Barbara Malagoli

Barbara Malagoli

Illustration by Roman Muradov

Roman Muradov

Illustration by Jon Marchione

Jon Marchione

Illustration by Jean Jullien

Jean Jullien

Abigail Halpin illustration

Abigail Halpin (on Brown Paper Bag)

Illustration by Helena Perez Garcia

Helena Perez Garcia (on Brown Paper Bag)

Green embroidery — top: Sasha Marchuk; bottom: Emma Mattson

Green art — top: Abigail Halpin, bottom: Emma Mattson

Green illustrations

Green illustrations