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Happy Fri­day! As you read this, I am eat­ing this fun­fetti birth­day cake for breakfast:

Momofuku MIlk Bar Birthday Cake & Liked')">

I made this the other night for my boyfriend’s birth­day. You too can make it, but beware; This cake takes a solid 4 hours to pre­pare. Maybe more if you don’t want to leave dirty dishes in the sink. But it’s worth it! Sooo worth it.

Aside from this cake, here are some other things that have tick­led my fancy this week. Nails, place set­tings, and hands are just some of them. After you’re done read­ing this post, don’t for­get to enter the Píc­colo give­away and visit my love let­ter to embroi­dery, Sam­pler.

nailart & Liked')"> nailart2 & Liked')"> nailart & Liked')">


Nail art, via Designlove­fest 

Hruskaa & Liked')">

HRUSKAA porce­lain glove molds.

fun & Liked')">

This fun wall.

Varpunen + Iittala & Liked')"> Varpunen + Iittala & Liked')"> Varpunen + Iittala & Liked')">

Home decor prod­ucts by Varpunen + Iit­tala. Via Varpunen.

SuTurno - BLONDELL scarves & Liked')"> SuTurno - BLONDELL scarves & Liked')"> SuTurno - BLONDELL scarves & Liked')"> SuTurno - BLONDELL scarves & Liked')">

Hands and lips on SuTurno BLONDELL scarves.

helen dardik - an abstract pattern & Liked')"> helen dardik - an abstract pattern & Liked')">

The cur­rents: Helen Dardik patterns

Enter the Píc­colo give­away | Sam­pler


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