Hattie Newman’s Delightful Paper-Sculpted Maps

hattie77 Late­ly, we’ve seen some pret­ty incred­i­ble paper-sculpt­ed illus­tra­tions by the likes of Owen Gilder­sleeve and Char­lotte Smith.  And you can now add Hat­tie New­man to that list. The Lon­don-based image-mak­er cre­ates maps made out of paper, work­ing for a vari­ety of clients like Louis Vuit­ton, Cad­bury (yum), Sony, and more.

We see incred­i­ble details of build­ings and struc­tures, and I’m most impressed by the fine han­dling of thin rail­ings. New­man also adds fun extras like a fly­ing kite or rouge fox that you spot only after care­ful obser­va­tion. The city land­scape is made play­ful by virtue of her cho­sen media and its scale. hattie newmanhattie777 hattie newmanhattie5hattie3hattie newmanhattie1hattie