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The Header Picture Project Featuring Perrin

INTRODUCING a new Brown Paper Bag project! Own a new mini print each month by a different artist!

So, ever since I redesigned Brown Paper Bag, I knew I wanted the header image to be more than just a brown paper bag. There are so many amazing artists and illustrators in the world (just spend some time looking in the archives) that I thought, “maybe someone else could illustrate an awesome header!”

And thus, the Header Picture Project was born. Every month, I’ll launch a new header image for the top of Brown Paper Bag by a different artist/illustrator/designer. The best part about this? You can own a mini print of the image that’s featured!

So, without further ado, here’s the inaugural illustrator for the Header Picture Project, Perrin!

The print (preorder it here):

perrin_bpb_final (1)

The header image for Brown Paper Bag:perrin_bpb_web (1)I asked her a few questions about herself and her work. To learn more, check out her website and other beautiful illustrations.

Name: Perrin
Location: Practically in Lake Erie
Website: www.madebyperrin.com
What was your dream job when you were 7 years old? I wanted to do voice-overs for commercials.
Your profession now: Mover & Shaker; Picture-maker.
What’s your favorite thing to draw? Anything delicate & tedious, maybe beautiful, but probably weird.
What was the inspiration for this piece? I was given the blog’s namesake as a jumping off point and wanted to create a mysterious and narrative piece.  I had been looking at a lot of vintage photos from the 40s and was really attracted to the fashions, colors, and styling. I knew I wanted to make something in that world.
Who is the guy with the bag on his head? Thats the mysterious part! I really hope to give the viewer room to interpret him however the story plays out in their minds. (p.s. if any viewers want to submit the answer to this question I would be keen to know what they come up with!)
How did you create your illustration? Was this any different from your regular process? I worked digitally on a Wacom tablet in ye old Photoshoppe. I built everything up in full color before desaturating all the colors in the end to mimic the appearance of an old photograph. I left a little bit of my sketch layer showing through to soften things.
and finally: Who is Blanche DuBun? Enlighten those that don’t know: WELL, she is my muse, sidekick, and furry pal. She is my pet rabbit; a real funny bunny.