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My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions

Illustrated product obsessions, November 18

1. Dou­ble Daisy Flow­er Girl Head Vase by Dim + Sum
2. Paint­ed Spoon Por­trait by Emma Liset­te Palmer (She’ll cre­ate a cus­tom one for you!)
3. Roach Clip Neck­lace by Eri­ca Wein­er
4. Woven blan­ket by Slow­down Stu­dio
5. Siame­se Cat Book­marks by Sonia Cav­allini
6. Owl Tat­too Tights by Stern Tights
7. Ceram­ic Chub­by Cat Yarn Bowl by Bar­run­tan­do

Illus­tra­tor Mol­ly Wal­sh cre­at­ed this illus­tra­tive print in the wake of the elec­tion. It’s inspired by a quote by Greek poet Dinos Chris­tianopoulos and was done out of her sad­ness, as well as a way to take action—Molly donates 100% of the print’s pro­ceeds to the Amer­i­can Civil Lib­er­ties Union, who work to pro­tect the rights of all peo­ple in the Unit­ed States.