Jo Hamilton’s Large Crocheted Portraits

Jo Hamilton

I recently saw the work of Jo Hamilton on Hi Fructose and was struck with the feeling that I’d seen her crocheted works before. Looking at her CV, I realized I was right – she was in the exhibition GULP YARN BANG! that was at School 33 in Baltimore a few years ago.

I liked her work in the show and I like it now. As someone who can’t crochet (but I can knit!), I find the detail and meticulous nature of them awe-inspiring. The amount of time put into these large portraits is something of wonder. The craft of crocheting is also very nostalgic for me, as it reminds me of my mother. Even though I can’t crochet, she can! I think that others can relate, no? It, like a lot of passed-down crafting, has associations of home and warmth.

All images via her website.

Jo Hamilton Jo Hamilton


Jo Hamilton Crocheted portraits Crocheted portraits Crochet portraitsBONUS: See her process with this stop motion animation.  Crochet portraits