Jo Scholar’s Metalwork That Looks Like Lace


Jo Scholar has a way of mak­ing metal look like lace. Intri­cate cuts, scal­loped edges, and drap­ing fools the eye upon first glance, look­ing as del­i­cate as a doily or antique cro­chet nap­kin.  I hate using the term Steam­punk to describe her work, but the jux­ta­po­si­tion of dainty fab­ric and hard edges really reads to me as some­thing that would exist in a post-apocalyptic Vic­to­rian soci­ety. But, unlike a lot of Steampunk-esque things, I really enjoy look­ing at her work and am really impressed at her abil­ity to manip­u­late the medium.

via Lustik

D8 Jo ScholarD7D4 D3 Jo Scholar

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