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Kaye Blegvad’s Ceramics & Jewelry

Kaye Blegvad

Kaye Bleg­vad is a cre­ative per­son who cre­ates illus­tra­tions, jew­elry, and ceram­ics. A lot of it you can own in the form of a ring, print, small sculp­ture, and more. I love see­ing the same illus­tra­tor apply their voice across mul­ti­ple media. Kaye varies her line work, using a brush to apply a sur­face design to her ceram­ics. This gives her ceram­ics a very painterly feel. Like­wise, her jew­elry also has an evi­dence of hand, and one of a kind.

All images via her Etsy shops: This one fea­tures her ceram­ics and prints. Kaye’s other shop, Dat­ter, sells her jewelry.

Kaye Blegvad Kaye Blegvad Kaye Blegvad Kaye BlegvadKaye BlegvadKaye Blegvad Kaye Blegvad Kaye Blegvad Kaye Blegvad

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