Kindah Khalidy


To me, beau­ti­fully designed prod­ucts (in terms of shape, sil­hou­ette, and fin­ish­ings) take on an even more spe­cial role when they have beau­ti­ful sur­face design. Lisa and I always say, every­body needs things, so why not really cher­ish what you buy?

The work of Kin­dah Khalidy makes me feel this way. The shop is out­fit­ted with bags, pouches, and silk scarves. The shape and con­struc­tion of the actual bags are clean and mod­ern. As some­one who loves illus­tra­tion, this is only made bet­ter with the addi­tion of Kindah’s designs. They are painterly and fun, my favorite being “Party All the Time” (above and directly below image), which looks like a decon­structed parade and/or stuffed animal.

All images via the Kin­dah Khalidy shop.










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