Klaus Haapaniemi’s Modern Twist on Traditional Decorative Art

Klaus Haapaniemi

I love these beautiful, ornately illustrated textiles by artist Klaus Haapaniemi. Together with designer Mia Wallenius, they use fine materials to create luxury pillows, throws, scarves, and more.

Their approach is influenced by nature and Finnish folklore. It’s a modern twist on traditional decorative arts, and each piece is full of exquisite details and large-eyed creatures. The sophisticated color palette illustrates fun subject matter, like buzzing bees and jumping rabbits, without feeling juvenile at all.

(H/T Amy Boone-McCreesh)

Klaus Haapaniemi Klaus Haapaniemi Bees_blanket_peach_03bird_throwlarge_rabbit_shawl_black large_Rabbit-throw_blueberry01

Bees_rug_bluelarge_PURPLE-SPIDER01 large_bat_crepe_scarf_01