Lindsey Hampton’s Ceramics are Clever And Jubilant

lindsey hamptonLindsey Hampton is a multidisciplinary artist who designs, photographs, and more. For now, I am going to focus on her ceramics and installations because it’s what originally drew me to her portfolio. The vessels that Hampton sculpts have an understated sophistication to them. They are colorful but not overwhelming, jubilant without being saccharine, and as a whole really clever. I love how subtle they are – the silhouettes are clean, and you’re able to focus on details like the skewed plant stand (below) or the retooling of the average table lamp (above).

Here’s part of a short statement about Hampton’s work, and how she achieves continuity no matter what she’s crafting:

Hampton’s use of colour, pattern and shape speak together across all platforms, she thrives in the delicate balance between positive and negative space. Hampton believes that everything is design, whether  creating a poster or logo, a ceramic vessel or mug; her approach is equal.

All images via her website.

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