The Tiniest Books and Records by Lauren Delaney George

Lauren Delaney George

I’ve always been a fan of miniatures. When I was younger, I remember that my mom had printer drawers mounted to our walls with tiny goodies on display. Now it’s come full circle, as I too collect small art objects! So it’s no surprise, then, that I fell in love with Lauren Delaney George’s Etsy shop. She hand produces tiny books, pencils, scrolls, perfume bottles, and so much more (there are over 700 items for sale!). Everything is roughly the size of a penny, or sometimes smaller.

These pieces are meant for doll houses, and George’s career started when she made miniatures as Christmas gifts for her grandparents. Now, she creates them for hobbyists, writing, “One of my frustrations as a child was the high expense of the available dollhouse accessories, whose quality was inconsistent at best.” If you have an idea for a tiny object, you can let George know via Etsy.

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