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Monochromatics I’ve Seen Lately & Liked


(Via. Who is the lovely artist that made this? And where can I get a print?)

Yesterday, the type I featured was monochromatic, so why not continue? I’m quickly learning how much easier my life is if I stick to a monochromatic wardrobe, It all matches!

So, here are some home goods, illustrations, and clothing I’ve seen lately and liked. Keeping with a monochromatic black/white/gray theme, everything is primarily in that color.

mikabarr mikabarr2

Geometric pillows and throws by mikabarr. The fabric is engineered so it folds on the lines of the surface, resulting in geometric silhouettes.


I know I’ve featured Falconwright before, but I recently ordered one of their products and wanted to tell ya’ll how much I like it! I ordered the pineapple wallet pouch (above), and it is the perfect size to hold my small wallet, cell phone, and a few other items. The pouch is also easy to transfer from bag to bag, or carry it by itself! I feel like a much more organized and generally “together” person because of it.

longhairWhen my hair is long again, I will be sure to buy this tee by Bean.

unrefineryDesign/digital art nerds, here is the shirt for you! Via Design Milk.


Some very painterly temporary tattoos by Burrowing Home. I’d even consider getting that kitten tattoo as a permanent fixture on my body.


By illustrator I-Ying Yeh.

faoshop faoshop3

I am loving this light fixture by Fao Shop. Did you know you can buy iron cords (like the one pictured) in a variety of colors? Check out Snoerboer if you’re interested.