Monochromatics I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

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(Via. Who is the lovely artist that made this? And where can I get a print?)

Yes­ter­day, the type I fea­tured was mono­chro­matic, so why not con­tinue? I’m quickly learn­ing how much eas­ier my life is if I stick to a mono­chro­matic wardrobe, It all matches!

So, here are some home goods, illus­tra­tions, and cloth­ing I’ve seen lately and liked. Keep­ing with a mono­chro­matic black/white/gray theme, every­thing is pri­mar­ily in that color.

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Geo­met­ric pil­lows and throws by mik­abarr. The fab­ric is engi­neered so it folds on the lines of the sur­face, result­ing in geo­met­ric silhouettes.

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I know I’ve fea­tured Fal­con­wright before, but I recently ordered one of their prod­ucts and wanted to tell ya’ll how much I like it! I ordered the pineap­ple wal­let pouch (above), and it is the per­fect size to hold my small wal­let, cell phone, and a few other items. The pouch is also easy to trans­fer from bag to bag, or carry it by itself! I feel like a much more orga­nized and gen­er­ally “together” per­son because of it.

longhair & Liked')"> When my hair is long again, I will be sure to buy this tee by Bean.

unrefinery & Liked')"> Design/digital art nerds, here is the shirt for you! Via Design Milk.

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Some very painterly tem­po­rary tat­toos by Bur­row­ing Home. I’d even con­sider get­ting that kit­ten tat­too as a per­ma­nent fix­ture on my body.

iyingyah & Liked')">

By illus­tra­tor I-Ying Yeh.

faoshop & Liked')"> faoshop3 & Liked')">

I am lov­ing this light fix­ture by Fao Shop. Did you know you can buy iron cords (like the one pic­tured) in a vari­ety of col­ors? Check out Sno­er­boer if you’re interested.


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