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Nina Jun’s Balloons Are Enjoyed Forever (Because They’re Ceramic)

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Artist Nina Jun crafts del­i­cate, life-like bal­loons from ceram­ics. Seems con­tra­dic­to­ry, no? Bal­loons are so light, and here they are made from some­thing that is unable to float. But with Jun’s bal­loons, they will nev­er deflate, and we’re able to cap­ture their fun for­ev­er. From her artist state­ment:

Fly­ing is everyone’s desire. When a heli­um bal­loon escaped from my hand one day and went into infi­nite space I began to won­der what is there beyond the blue sky? Even though we can­not see with our eyes, we know that there in the uni­verse are lay­ers of galax­ies merg­ing con­stant­ly with dying and form­ing stars. My won­ders about space inspired me to cre­ate this series of ceram­ic bal­loons. The pat­terns and motifs on some of my ceram­ic bal­loons reflect the abstract images of con­stel­la­tions and views of the cos­mos.

Per­pe­tu­ity is also one of the unsolved prob­lems we face. What if a bal­loon nev­er deflat­ed, so that the joy it brought us nev­er end­ed? What if our mem­o­ries nev­er escaped us? What if these bal­loons could lift us up while also keep­ing us ground­ed? I make these ceram­ic bal­loons to remind us our unob­tain­able desire to be in charge of time and space.

The sell­ing point for believ­abil­i­ty in Jun’s work are the seams that she’s formed into her pieces. With­out them, they wouldn’t look like bal­loons and would just be dense, col­or­ful shapes.

Even though I know that Jun’s work will nev­er leave the ground, that doesn’t stop me from enjoy­ing it. A lot.

Via Design Boom.

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