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Subtly-Knit Animal Scarves Add Some Unexpected Fun to Your Winter Wardrobe

animal scarves by Nina Führer

If you’re in the Northern hemisphere, your everyday attire probably consists of puffy jackets and knitted beanies. Might I suggest another winter addition? Animal scarves by Nina Führer! The subtly playful products feature high-quality wool with one unexpected twist—at the end of each scarf is a knitted animal’s head. Cockatoos, parrots, sloths, and cats all lend their likenesses to these accessories. They also double as a clip to secure the garment into place. This way, you can arrange them to look like they’re perched on your shoulder.

Nina sells these animal scarves in her Etsy shop—just in time for some late winter fun.
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Colorful Portraits of Curious People You’ll Want to Meet

Illustrated portraits by Anne M. Bentley

Influenced by vintage pottery, fashion, and mid-century architecture, Anne M. Bentley paints curious portraits of mysterious folks. Clad in oversized sunglasses and 70s-inspired outfits, they pose with big cats, poodles, and feathered friends.

Anne’s bright colors and bold visual approach leave me wanting more. I wish I knew the stories of these illustrated portraits—but, I can always make up my own back stories of these people. That’s part of the fun.

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1 Theme, 5 Ways: Sketchbooks That Are Handheld Works of Art

Illustrated sketchbooks

The sketchbook is a powerful place. It’s a place where artists and illustrators can play—try out new techniques, subject matter, or even jot down the occasional note. Many people prefer to keep these books private, and I don’t blame them. They can be incredibly personal spaces. So, I’m always delighted by those who choose to let us in on their sketchbook—it’s like seeing how someone’s mind works.

There are some who, with little effort, are able to make every page of their sketchbook look like a finished work of art. These books, in turn, are not just places to jot down lists or make a silly doodle. Rather, they’re intimate galleries that travel with them as they move throughout the world.

Here are 5 different illustrators who take the sketchbook to a whole new level.

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Empowering Illustrated Signs from Women’s Marches Around the World

Illustrations for Women's March

Bodil Jane

Unless you were in an isolation chamber this past weekend, you probably heard and/or participated in a Women’s March. I was fortunate to be able to make it to the main Washington, DC event (Baltimore is just an hour train ride away). It was incredible! The streets were full of people marching for the equality of all women, while also protesting Donald Drumpf’s disgusting attitudes and actions towards women.

Art and activism go hand in hand. The signs I saw were powerful, often incorporating humor or puns to make a point. Some were beautifully illustrated to boot. Here are some of my favorites I’ve seen around the web from the marches in DC and around the world.

Carson Ellis

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Illustrated products

Accessorize with Sculptures by Adding Ceramic Jewelry to Your Outfit

ceramic jewelry

One of my favorite trends lately is necklaces, brooches, and rings made from kiln-fired clay. I’ve got a few pieces now and love how essentially, these are mini sculptures you’re wearing on your fingers, around your neck, or on your favorite shirt. Some makers color their jewelry with glaze while others leave their designs bone white. What style of ceramic jewelry do you like?

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