Embroidery, Painting

Together, Embroidery and Painting Create Unique Snapshots of Travels Abroad

Mixed media embroidery by Libby Williams

Innsbruck, Austria

Embroi­der­er and artist Lib­by Williams uses a com­bi­na­tion of stitch­ing and paint­ing to cre­ate unique trav­el por­traits of the places she’s been. “I’m from the U.S. but have been liv­ing in Lux­em­bourg for the past year and a half,” she tells me in an email. “I like to work back and forth between abstrac­tion and rep­re­sen­ta­tion, always tak­ing inspi­ra­tion from the land­scape.”

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Sketchbooks, Sponsored

Learn How to Add a Dazzling New Dimension to Your Sketchbook Paintings with Skillshare (Sponsored)

White Pen Art

While many stu­dents are back in the class­room, you don’t have to feel left out if you aren’t one of them. Through the online learn­ing site Skill­share, you can edu­cate your­self all year long—even dur­ing sum­mer and win­ter breaks! Best of all, you don’t have to leave your home to do so; they offer over 17,000 art, design, and pho­to class­es that you can take any­where at any­time on any device. Ear­li­er this year, I tried Leah Goren’s Illus­tra­tion & Inspi­ra­tion: Keep­ing a Sketch­book and had a ton of fun paint­ing and gain­ing new inspi­ra­tion for sketch­ing. Recent­ly, I’ve enrolled in anoth­er class to help build on my sketch­book skills. Ohn Mar Win’s Sketch­book Prac­tice: Make Every­day Objects Pop With Water­colour and Pen implored me to try some­thing I’ve nev­er done before: use white ink. Curi­ous? You too can try this class with 2 free months of Skill­share Pre­mi­um.

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Illustrated Art Journals Offer Exquisite Ways to Spark Your Creativity

Art journals by Lily Moon

Hav­ing a good jour­nal is like hav­ing a trusty com­pan­ion. I have so many small art jour­nals and keep every one of them; I can’t bear to part with my scrib­bled (and often inde­ci­pher­able) notes or doo­dles. Artist Lily Moon cre­ates blank hand-bound note­books that are per­fect for your writ­ing, draw­ing, or col­lages. The dif­fer­ent themes—such as The Blue Jour­nalWild Ideas Pock­et Book, and Run­away Thoughts—each have their cov­ers adorned with a dif­fer­ent detailed illus­tra­tion. In addi­tion to their pret­ty paint­ed cov­ers, Lily includes stick­ers that will help get your cre­ative juices flow­ing.

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Charming Folk Art-Inspired Characters Who Have a Bigger Story to Tell

Folk art illustrations by Lia Tuia

Illus­tra­tor and graph­ic design­er Lia Tuia cre­ates a charm­ing world con­sist­ing of crea­ture char­ac­ters and botan­i­cal ele­ments. The images, which employ a lim­it­ed col­or palette and bold black lines, have a dec­o­ra­tive sen­si­bil­i­ty to them and feel like posters (or some oth­er adver­tise­ment) for a larg­er sto­ry akin to the Moomins. But rather than resem­bling hip­popota­mus­es, many of Lia’s fig­ures are rem­i­nis­cent of rab­bits.

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Mini Weavings Offer Unique Fashion as Statement-Making Necklaces

Miniature weaving by Allyson Rous

Over the past few years, weav­ing—much like embroi­dery—has made a come­back in con­tem­po­rary craft cir­cles. It offers a way to com­pose abstract com­po­si­tions in thread as well as the oppor­tu­ni­ty to play with tex­ture. Some of my favorite weav­ings use the ends of yarn and jux­ta­pose it with tight­ly-woven stitch­es to cre­ate a strik­ing com­bi­na­tion that looks both hard and soft. Allyson Rousseau is one of these pro­lif­ic weavers—creating more than 200 cus­tom pieces for homes around the world—who often plays with scale. Rather than go big, how­ev­er, she opts for some­thing that will fit in the palm of your hand; she pro­duces minia­ture weav­ing.

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How To, Paper Craft

The Fine Art of Paper Flowers’ Is a Recipe Book for Crafting Your Own Gorgeous Blooms

The Fine Art of Paper Flowers by Tiffanie Turner // paper flowers DIY

I know that just last week I start­ed the series Around the World, and I had all inten­tions to con­tin­ue it today. But, I got a lit­tle dis­tract­ed when Tiffanie Turner’s The Fine Art of Paper Flow­ers arrived in the mail. I love mak­ing faux flowers—last Hal­loween, I made a whole bunch of them for my cos­tume—but I hadn’t tried mak­ing paper flow­ers before. I was eager to give one of her tuto­ri­als a try.

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Embroidery, Illustrated products

Stylish Embroidered Boots Add a Folk-Inspired Touch to Your Everyday Attire

Embroidered boots by Boden

It’s no secret that I love embroi­dery—and that espe­cial­ly extends to cloth­ing. Last week, I shared the col­lab­o­ra­tion between Rifle Paper Co. and Keds, which includ­ed, among oth­er styles, a pair of stitched sneak­ers. They’re great for the warmer weath­er months, but Boden is ready to take you into the fall and win­ter with their set of suede folk-inspired embroi­dered boots and flats.

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Interview, Painting

Laura Berger’s Nude Paintings Are Part of an Artistic Soup

Nude Paintings by Laura Berger

There are some parts of one’s visu­al lan­guage that acts as the thread that ties years of work togeth­er. A style might shift, but a con­sis­tent ele­ment still remains. For artist and illus­tra­tor Lau­ra Berg­er, it’s nudes. For as long as I’ve been look­ing at her art, Lau­ra has always incor­po­rat­ed some form of the nude body—figures round and jovial, like they don’t have a care in the world. This visu­al main­stay has grown along side her as her col­or schemes change or explore an abstract world.

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Around the World

Around the World | 10 Crafter and Illustrators Working in the “Land Down Under”

Illustrators in Australia

I love orga­ni­za­tion and find­ing con­nec­tions between things. Because of that incli­na­tion, I had a lot of fun curat­ing The Col­or Series, in which I grouped illus­tra­tions, embroi­dery, and paper craft by hue. In a sim­i­lar vein, I’m start­ing a new mini series that, over the next six to eight weeks, will take us Around the World. It will fea­ture illus­tra­tors, artists, and mak­ers who are based in a par­tic­u­lar locale(s).

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