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Wave Your Flag for Mathilde Vangheluwe’s Fantastic Drawings

Mathilde Vangheluwe

Not every artist can make their sketches appear like fin­ished works, and vice versa — not every fin­ished piece can have the qual­i­ties of a sketch. Mathilde Vangheluwe is an illus­tra­tor who rides this fine line, and she col­ors her draw­ings with the soft hues of col­ored pen­cils, often leav­ing her ini­tial graphite sketch vis­i­ble. This tech­nique is great way to add some shine and pol­ish to some­thing that can feel raw.

Check out Mathilde’s illus­trated prod­ucts in her shop!

Mathilde Vangheluwe

Mathilde Vangheluwe







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My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1 //  Metal Fox Book­ends by Des­ig­nAte­lier­Ar­ti­cle
2 // Many Peo­ple shirt by G.Kero
3 // Friends will be friends tote bag by Daniela Tieni (on Society6)
4 // Flo­ral Sci­ence Brooches by Andsmile Stu­dio
5 // Ani­mal Woman (sculp­ture) by Mon­ica Ramos
6 // Vans x Eley Kishi­moto jog­gers (via Design Milk)
7 // Swan Patch and Pins by Rose­hound Apparel  (via @fieldguided)

Happy Fri­day! I hope your week­end will be bet­ter than mine — this week­end, I move once and for all! Pack­ing up my entire life always takes much longer than I think it will…

Tell me what illus­trated prod­ucts you’re obsess­ing over! Leave me a com­ment with a link.


Fantastic Retro-Style Illustrations by Loris Lora

Lois Lora

Loris Lora’s illus­tra­tions are a won­der­ful fusion of con­tem­po­rary imagery and a retro artis­tic style. Using gouache, a dry-brushing tech­nique, and some­times cut paper, she paints por­traits of peo­ple admir­ing their sur­round­ings, dress­ing in cos­tume, and strum­ming on the guitar.

Loris was recently in a show at the Flower Pep­per Gallery in Pasadena, Cal­i­for­nia. The exhi­bi­tion was called An Open Diary, and it brought together artists who “share a play­ful sen­si­bil­ity and enjoy high­light­ing life’s small and often­times over­looked moments.” You can def­i­nitely see these instance in Lois’ work — she shows us that it’s not all about hus­tle and bus­tle. Some­times, you have stop and appre­ci­ate what’s right in front of you every day.

Buy orig­i­nal art by Loris through Flower Pep­per Gallery’s web­site! (Also: fol­low them on Insta­gram. They’re always post­ing great stuff.)

Lois Lora

Lois Lora







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My Studio: ‘Favorite Bites in Baltimore’ Embroidery

Sara Barnes embroidery

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a glimpse into my stu­dio! Here’s a fun embroi­dery I’ve been work­ing on the past cou­ple of weeks. It com­bines two things I love: stitch­ing and good food.

The [work­ing] title for this piece is called Favorite Bites in Bal­ti­more, and it will include a half dozen of my favorite things I’ve eaten while liv­ing in Bal­ti­more. So far, I’ve com­pleted S’mores in a Jar from Hamil­ton Tav­ern and the Dirty­boy from Bun Shop. Now, I’m in the mid­dle of a slice of pizza from Joe Squared.

I’m plan­ning on embroi­der­ing a few more foods, but nar­row­ing down the choices has been really hard. Bal­ti­more has some great restaurants!

(Fol­low me on Insta­gram to see reg­u­lar updates of what I’m work­ing on.)

Sara Barnes embroidery



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Izziyana Suhaimi Embroiders on Her Drawings to Keep Them Warm

Izziyana Suhaimi

For many years, I embroi­dered on paper. It’s not the eas­i­est way to work, but it sure cre­ates an inter­est­ing, unex­pected effect that can act as a sub­sti­tute for a pen, pen­cil, or paint. With this idea in mind, illus­tra­tor Izziyana Suhaimi com­bines draw­ing and thread in her series of por­traits called Friends to keep you warm. The images are what you might expect from the title — peo­ple are depicted wear­ing col­or­ful, whim­si­cal hats and scarves. Izziyana draws their faces with a fine-tipped pen and adds a lit­tle shad­ing. Then, she stitches and knits their acces­sories so they’ll never be with­out some­thing on their head or neck.

(Thanks for the link, Marisa!!)

Izziyana Suhaimi

Izziyana Suhaimi






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Meghan Stratman Creates Telling Vingettes from Carefully-Cut Paper

Meghan Stratman

Nebraska-based artist Meghan Strat­man fash­ions her col­or­ful por­traits into telling vignettes, as if you were look­ing at a film still or a comic book panel. “I am drawn to sto­ries and lore in all forms,” she writes, “books, movies, video games, the­atre, myths, and urban leg­ends.” Sub­jects like ghosts, girls, mon­sters, and ani­mals are paired with themes of friend­ship and lone­li­ness, with a nod to urban decay and aban­doned spaces.

Meghan’s beau­ti­ful illus­tra­tions are crafted out of paper with some tiny details drawn using col­ored pen­cils. Look closely and you’ll see all of the carefully-cut shapes and speck­led paper. Lovely!

Check out Meghan’s Etsy shop called Bunny Pirates and pick up a print or postcard.

Meghan Stratman

Meghan Stratman









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These are the Cutest 3D-Printed Characters You’ll See Today


Aren’t these the cutest? I think I’m in love. Melbourne-based MIMAW (short for Micro.Macro.Workshop) cre­ated these char­ac­ter bowls, which dou­ble as delight­ful pen­cil hold­ers and planters. They have 3D-printed bod­ies and hand-painted details (like those smil­ing faces!). MIMAW uses biodegrad­able PLA (Poly Lac­tic Acid), which is used in food pack­ag­ing and con­tain­ers. It’s strong, durable, and won’t shat­ter like porcelain.

MIMAW is pas­sion­ate about com­bin­ing emerg­ing tech­nolo­gies and tra­di­tional meth­ods of work­ing, pro­duc­ing func­tional pieces that “inject delight and embed itself in the everyday.”

Now, the big ques­tion is… which one do I pick?












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My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions


1 // Hand­painted Flo­ral Spring Shirt by Pur­ple Fish­bowl
2 // Scan­di­na­vian Retro Toy Folk by Gunna Ydri
3 // Soft Leather Cac­tus Pouch by Amelie Mancini
5 // Ves­sels by Louise Madzia
4 // French Bull­dog Patches by Natali Koro­moto
6 // Eye Ear Jacket Ear­ring by Boo + Boo fac­tory
7 // Poppy Bou­quet Neck­lace by Layla Amber

In other illus­trated prod­uct news…

// On Mon­day, I did a roundup of 10 illus­trated shower cur­tains avail­able on Society6. They’re all great, and I ended up buy­ing this one by Tea­gan White!

// For YEARS, I’ve cov­eted the sweet ceram­ics of Ate­lier Stella. Every once and a while, she has these flash sales that seem to sell out in min­utes. This past week, she sent out an email announc­ing a sale at 11:30AM UK time — 6:30AM my time — so need­less to say, I totally missed it. Oh well! Bet­ter luck next time, I guess.

// I’ve been get­ting steady sign ups for my Map­ping Mem­o­ries project! Not sure what that is? It’s the inau­gural project under my newest endeavor, Speck­led Canary. How it works: using washi tape, you’ll cre­ate art­work based on a mem­ory, sub­mit it to me, and maybe win a prize! Sign up now and receive 5 rolls of washi tape to get you started. You won’t be sorry.

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Amazing Animations: Embroidered Zoetropes by Elliot Schultz

 Elliot Schultz

I love it when embroi­dery is in used in uncon­ven­tional appli­ca­tions, and designer Elliot Schultz has done so in a super cre­ative way. He cre­ated a series of embroi­dered zoetrope!

If you aren’t famil­iar with a zoetrope, it’s an ani­ma­tion tech­nique that uses a series of pic­tures on an inner sur­face. When they’re rotated and dis­played — either with a strobe light or by pho­tographs — the illu­sion of motion is created.

For his final project at the ANU School of Art in Aus­tralia, Elliot cre­ated six discs with ani­mated sequences embroi­dered on their sur­faces. They were designed to be played on stan­dard turnta­bles, bor­row­ing the shape and size from a 10″ vinyl record. Once they were hit with a strobe light, the ani­ma­tions came to life.

Check out the GIFs and video to see these pieces in action. How cool! (Via Colos­sal)

 Elliot Schultz

 Elliot Schultz




Illustration Education

Build a Freelance Illustration Business” Workshop with Modern Thrive


Are you inter­ested in illus­tra­tion as a career, but aren’t sure how to turn your tal­ents into a busi­ness? Well, you’re in luck! Mod­ern Thrive is host­ing an online work­shop called Build a Free­lance Illus­tra­tion Busi­ness with Salli S. Swindell of Stu­dio SSS. You might also know her from They Draw & Cook and They Draw & Travel, which are recipes and maps drawn by illus­tra­tors around the world.

The 3-day work­shop will teach you how to build and online port­fo­lio and “lever­age your unique style to land deals with name brand clients.” It takes place August 17–19 at 6pm PST // 8pm CST // 9pm EST, with three ses­sions that are each 1 hour long. Reg­is­tra­tion is only $97!

Don’t worry if you can’t make one of those days — all of the con­tent is recorded so you can access any­thing you missed on your own time.

Learn more and sign up here!