Dazzling Animal Planters Add Glittering Gold to Green Blooms

Animal Ceramics by Minty Mountain

My love for planters is well doc­u­ment­ed on Brown Paper Bag. And on Insta­gram, too—one of the hap­pi­est areas of my apart­ment fea­tures a cou­ple of thriv­ing suc­cu­lents in crea­ture-shaped pots. Emma Jo Alford of Minty Moun­tain con­tin­ues this trend with her daz­zling ani­mal ceram­ics. The hand-sculpt­ed hedge­hogs, rab­bits, and bears are adorably sleepy crea­tures that have gold accents and in some instances, fan­cy acces­sories. The polar bear planter, for instance, has an ici­cle head­dress. How regal!

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Fantastical Felt Creatures Reveal What’s Really Inside Their Alien-Like Anatomy

Felted creatures by Hiné Mizushima

Hiné Mizushi­ma (pre­vi­ous­ly) cre­ates a fan­tas­ti­cal world of out of felt. Using that, as well as oth­er mate­ri­als like bead­ing, she pro­duces por­traits of bee­tles, cephalopods, and clams. Each of her col­or­ful has an astound­ing lev­el of detail, and her felt crafts go beyond your typ­i­cal rep­re­sen­ta­tion of these crea­tures. Rather, through her series The Anato­my of, she shows us what’s inside.

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Embroidery, Inspirational Instagram

11 Inspiring Embroidery Artists to Follow on Instagram

Best embroidery artists to follow on Instagram

Over the past cou­ple of weeks, I’ve shared inspir­ing illus­tra­tors and some of the best sketch­books to fol­low on Insta­gram. Con­tin­u­ing this tour of my favorite feeds, here are 11 embroi­dery artists who fill my time­line with beau­ti­ful stitch­ing.

The cho­sen embroi­der­ers will make you a bet­ter stitch­er by fol­low­ing them. From beau­ti­ful inte­ri­or scenes to abstract bead­ing, they both inspire and show­case tech­niques that you’ll want to try. And, if you’re look­ing for more spe­cif­ic advice, Eliz­a­beth Pawle some­times does a Q & A in her posts.
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Illustrated products

7 Creative Products That’ll Help Illustrate Your Life This Week

Creative products to buy

1. Small Car­ry-All Pouch by Isabelle Feliu
2. Woman Up! Hoop Art by The Wan­der­ing Thread
3. Hedge­hog Pin­cush­ion by Som­bril­la Verde
4. Herbar­i­um Hoop Art by Zelia Smith
5. White Cat Desk Pet by I Like Cats
6. Hand iPhone Case by Coucou Suzette
7. Mon­stera Col­lar Pins by Mica Peet

My illus­trat­ed prod­uct obses­sions are back for a lim­it­ed engage­ment! For the next few weeks (at least), I’ll be shar­ing 7 things every Fri­day that I’ve had my eye on.

If you’ve got any suggestions for creative products, let me know.


Intuitive Illustrations are Collision of Color, Pattern, and Cats

Interior Illustrations by María Luque

Art of art. That’s how I describe some of my favorite inte­ri­or illus­tra­tions by María Luque. The draw­ings and paintings—a blend of col­or pen­cils, mark­ers, and acrylics—feature peo­ple liv­ing and inter­act­ing with art, and many times they’re accom­pa­nied by an ani­mal who is seri­ous­ly tak­ing up their per­son­al space. Either way, I want to go to the places she illus­trates.

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Embroidery, Illustrated products

Charming Embroidery Patterns Highlight the Collaborative Nature of the Craft

Modern embroidery patterns by Thread Folk and Lauren Merrick

Whether you real­ize it or not, col­lab­o­ra­tion is inher­ent in embroi­dery. To begin, an embroi­dery artist will cre­ate a design and make it into a pat­tern for oth­ers to com­plete as they wish. Col­or choic­es, for instance, can change based on the whims of that par­tic­u­lar stitch­er. Lib­by Moore of Thread Folk takes this col­lab­o­ra­tion idea a step fur­ther with her mod­ern embroi­dery pat­terns. In her charm­ing Artist Series, she trans­lates an illustrator’s work into some­thing that any­one can com­plete with a nee­dle and thread.

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Famous Ladies’ Portraits Pay Homage to Pioneering Women—While Inspiring Us to Do the Same

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Famous Ladies is an illus­trat­ed homage,” Alexan­dra Beguez writes, “to some of the most influ­en­tial and inspir­ing women in STEM, lit­er­a­ture, the visu­al and per­form­ing arts, sports, and explo­ration.” The strik­ing pen-and-ink draw­ings cap­ture faith­ful like­ness­es of these incred­i­ble women who, as Alexan­dra says, “paved the way for future gen­er­a­tions of women and men alike to work towards their dreams.”

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Impossibly Tiny People Enjoying a Tranquil Dip Amid Grandiose Landscapes

Joanne Ho Swimming Paintings

Almost a year to the day, I wrote about Joanne Ho’s exquis­ite swim­ming paint­ings. From a bird’s eye view, she intro­duced us to a bevy of anony­mous char­ac­ters who were so tiny they looked like ants among the grandiose land­scape. Well, Joanne is back with more! She recent­ly shared with me some of her lat­est works, which still fea­ture minia­ture folks doing what they do best—enjoying the scenery.

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Charming Bicycle Embroideries Have Beautiful Blooms Spilling from Their Baskets

Bicycle Embroidery

I don’t have a car, so rid­ing the local bike share is one of the ways I get around. But, I can guar­an­tee that my rides are not near­ly as whim­si­cal as the bicy­cle embroi­dery by Walk­er Boyes of True­Fort. Called the Velo Series, it fea­tures hand-stitched bikes that are dec­o­rat­ed with col­or­ful blooms. They rep­re­sent a fan­ta­sy, like some­thing out of a movie—carefree week­end excur­sions to the farmer’s mar­ket that over­flow with a boun­ty of fresh flow­ers.

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