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Felted Peacock Sculptures Pay Homage to Their Brilliant Plumage

Jill Ffrench felt bird sculptures

Fiber artist Jill Ffrench crafts felted bird sculptures that pay homage to their voluptuous plumage. Using 100% pure felt, she stitches the hand-held creatures and adheres them with embroidery thread, wire, and wax. When complete, the soft figures don ornamental long, tails, which feature a combination of layered felt and decorative stitches to produce a spectacular effect. (The detail shots are my favorite.)

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Meticulously-Arranged Artworks Reveal Adventurous Little Worlds

Little worlds by Celan Bouillet

Artist Celan Bouillet creates “little worlds full of animals, greenery, and adventure.” The colorful, highly-detailed pieces feature places that are everywhere and nowhere. Sloths, giraffes, tropical leaves, and peacocks—all painted at the same scale—occupy the same composition. They are, however, so carefully arranged while together, they never fully interact. This is Celan’s design. “These mixed media pieces are highly detailed and manipulate scale along with pattern to create complex narratives,” she writes.

To produce these pieces is an exercise in meticulousness. Every branch, rock, and animal is painted gouache on paper which is then cut out and placed on a background. Celan’s compositions are so seamless that at times, it’s hard to tell—but her in-progress works on Instagram showcase her beautiful process.

Celan sells her work as large limited edition in her Etsy shop, The Bayou Botanist.

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Sketchbook Paintings That Come Alive Before Your Eyes

Last week, we took a peek into the shape-shifting sketchbook of Eva Magill-Oliver. Artist Bryce Wymer, aka A Flat Earth, is another creative who for him, a sketchbook is a portable gallery to showcase his beautiful and mysterious paintings. And if that’s not enough, Bryce has created a series of short time-lapse videos that demonstrate his process.

The videos are a combination of show-and-tell and painting in progress. Bryce will often start out by flipping through some completed (or nearly completed) spreads, and then he’ll complete an illustration right before our eyes.

Check out some of Bryce’s videos, as well as his static spreads. (h/t Less Talk More Illustration)

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Adorable Animal Planters Will Be Best Buds with Your Flower Buds

Studio Giverny animal planters

Yoshiko Kozawa of Studio Giverny creates lovable animal planters that’ll be your (flower) buds’ best bud. Whales, giraffes, and alpaca all carry the weight of these plants on their back. But don’t worry—they’re happy to do it—and in turn, brighten your home.

Yoshiko first crafts her pieces from porcelain and then coats them in a shino glaze combination. Some, like the alpaca, include a fun pompom tail and tassel earrings. See her entire selection on Etsy. (h/t: So Super Awesome)

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Dreamy Portraits Created with a Beautiful Bounty of Textures

Brooklyn Dolly

Erin Robinson, better known as Brooklyn Dolly, creates gorgeous portraits in a smattering of mediums. Look closely at her dreamy imagery and you’ll find watercolor, ink, charcoal, stenciling, collage, as well as digital work. Together, their layers are visually rich and celebrate Erin’s subjects—the “feminine shape and the many shades and coifs of Brooklyn.”

Erin sells her work through the Brooklyn Dolly Etsy shop.

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Appliqué Illustrations Offer a New Twist on Aesop’s Fables

Mika Hirasa appliqué illustration

Using exquisite antique linen, kimono fabric, and lace, Mika Hirasa creates appliqué illustrations. Her most recent series features fiber interpretations of Aesop’s Fables, combining the collage-like technique with embroidery.

Mika’s use of negative space is especially impactful with the appliqué. She’ll cut out bold shapes from the fabric and then adhere them to other areas of the composition. In place is intricate stitching that mimics line drawing. The result is visually rich and full of depth while placing a contemporary spin on these old tales.

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Exquisite Portraits are “Drawn” with Carefully-Arranged Flowers

Sister Golden floral art

During the winter, without fail, I dream of the flowers in spring. (There’s only so much gray I can take—especially in the concrete jungle.) A woman (and mom) named Vicki—one half of the shop Sister Golden—has created floral art that’s the perfect escape from the dreariness. Using succulents, dried leaves, and fresh blooms, she arranges them into exquisite portraits of women. One of her most popular pieces features Frida Kahlo cleverly drawn using stems and sticks. They’re a great substitute for a pen or paintbrush!

These pieces, and more, are available through the Sister Golden shop.

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