Chanel Couture’s Amazing Floral Backdrop Featuring 300 Blooms

It’s no secret my love for paper sculpt­ing, and so when I saw the Chanel Spring 2015 Cou­ture Run­way, I was instantly enthralled. The flo­ral theme fea­tured an arbore­tum of white card­board palms con­structed under a glass ceil­ing. And, bet­ter yet, they moved!

It took 6 months to pro­duce the 300 flow­ers that dec­o­rated the set. Each fea­tured their own engine, and at the start of the show, Bap­tiste Giabi­coni (Karl Lagerfeld’s muse) “watered” them and brought the mechan­i­cal blooms to life.

The mostly-white back­drop had pops of color that com­pli­mented the cou­ture out­fits, some of which were heav­ily adorned with bril­liant flow­ers. Images of the set and cloth­ing below!

Image via: Racked

Image via: Racked

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Photo via: Purple Diary

Photo via: Pur­ple Diary

Pho­tos of some of my favorite out­fits. See the entire thing on








Illustrators with Ink: Daniel Fishel

daniel fishel

So, it’s been a while, but I have for you another install­ment of Illus­tra­tors with Ink! Queens, New York-based illus­tra­tor Daniel Fishel was gra­cious enough to share his tat­toos with me.

Daniel grew up near Har­ris­burg, PA but moved to New York and pur­sued his MFA in Illus­tra­tion as Visual Essay from SVA. His clients include an impres­sive list: the New York Times, McSweeneys, The Globe & Mail, GQ Mag­a­zine, Wash­ing­ton Post, Baron Fig, Lands End Can­vas and National Pub­lic Radio (yay, NPR!). If you don’t fol­low him on Insta­gram, please do. He has an adorable cat named Avo­cado and likes pizza.

How many tat­toos do you have? 9 (8 patched, 1 unfin­ished sock)

How old were you when you got your first tat­too? I was 19 years old. I was going to get one at 18 but I was super broke just start­ing art school. I’m kind of glad I waited because I prob­a­bly would have got­ten some­thing really dumb but I was smart enough to avoid get­ting a nau­ti­cal star or sparrows.

My first tat­too is a pirate ship on the Susque­hanna river with the Har­ris­burg cap­i­tal build­ing and Three Mile Island on the other side. It’s framed with a ban­ner with 717, my area code, and two straight razors on the sides. It’s a com­mem­o­ra­tion of where I was from and what I believe in. Also, every­one who lis­tened to hard­core and was apart of the scene had got­ten a 717 area code tattoo.

Did you design any your­self? If not, would you ever? For some of the cus­tom work I roughed it out but had them draw it. It’s their job to draw it in the way they typ­i­cally do. My Buddy Holly tat­too is ref­er­enced based on a Chris­t­ian Clay­ton illus­tra­tion and obvi­ously all of my punk rock band logos are just that.

Do you have a favorite? If so, which one and why? Prob­a­bly the tat­too on the back of my arm. It’s of a T-Bone steak with a halo at the top that has a ban­ner around it say­ing “For­ever Ten­der.” I got it out of spite at 21 when most of my friends were aggres­sive hard­core veg­ans. I mean they had vegan writ­ten on their knuck­les and “xVE­G­ANx” up their shin. At the time I ate meat and it was all out of fun. Now I’m veg­e­tar­ian and it’s kind of has a whole new mean­ing to me.

daniel fishel
Where did you get your work done? Most of the artists who have done the work on me have moved onto other shops. In no order, Black Thorn Gallery (Mechan­ics­burg, PA), Machine Heads Tat­too (Ley­mone, PA), 717 Tat­too (Mechan­ics­burg, PA), Atom Age Tat­too (Mechan­ics­burg, PA). Ryan Spahr did my awe­some Buddy Holly tat­too and he should get a bunch of atten­tion. I’ve never got­ten a tat­too in NYC yet but it’s on my list of things to do. I’ve lived here for 6+ years so I should get on that.

Is there any mean­ing behind any of your tat­toos? All of my tat­toos are mean­ing­ful and some­times poetic. I have a tree fort, sub­urb and kids play­ing on my leg which plays as a loose nar­ra­tive of grow­ing up in cen­tral PA. Just run­ning out and about and you came home at dusk to eat din­ner. I guess a call for sim­pler times that I kind of miss before computers/cell phones took over our lives. Before that it was just TVs.

Do you see a con­nec­tion between the type of tat­toos you have and your illus­tra­tive work? Tat­toos have been apart of my life and apart of my visual lan­guage. When­ever I can I try to add tattoo’s on the char­ac­ters I draw.

Here’s a selec­tion of Daniel’s illustrations:

daniel-fishel-illo-1 daniel fishel daniel-fishel-illo-2 daniel-fishel-illo-3 daniel-fishel-illo-4

Energetic Scribbles (and Carefully-Drawn Lines) by Felicita Sala

felicita sala

Ital­ian illus­tra­tor Felicita Sala cre­ates delight­ful works that incor­po­rate ele­ments of paint­ing, draw­ing, and cut paper. She’s not mar­ried to any one tech­nique and com­bines pho­tog­ra­phy with ener­getic scribbles.

I decided to dis­cover the world of art and illus­tra­tion out­side of for­mal insti­tu­tions, tak­ing inspi­ra­tion from from con­tem­po­rary art, phi­los­o­phy, music, chil­dren, archi­tec­ture and peo­ple on the street,” Felicita writes on her blog. She’s got a very active sketch­book (and reg­u­larly posts snip­pets of it on her there), which I would imag­ine has helped her in her approach.

felicita salafelicita sala felicitas-5felicitas-7felicitas-2 felicitas-3 felicitas-4felicitas-10

Playing with Fire, Illustratively

Matches, fire, smoke… that’s the idea behind today’s Fri­day roundup. There are a lot of neat match­book designs out there, and it was my ini­tial inspi­ra­tion for this post. But, I wanted wanted to go beyond that and explore a few ways in which fire is shown/thought of in illus­tra­tion. (This is by no means com­pre­hen­sive.) Got a cool fire-themed illus­tra­tion to show me? Let me know in the com­ments or on Twit­ter!

Colorful Tapestries Find New Life as Taxidermy Skin

Frédérique Morrel

French artist Frédérique Mor­rel com­bines tapes­try and taxi­dermy to cre­ate fresh and unex­pected works. Deer, moose, and cat­tle tell vibrant sto­ries on their new skin that fea­tures a dizzy­ing array of col­ors, pat­terns, and peo­ple. I’ve always been fas­ci­nated by both taxi­dermy and tapes­tries, so the fusion of the two is excit­ing to see.

But, many peo­ple don’t think of these crafts as things that are wor­thy of atten­tion. Frédérique’s artis­tic phi­los­o­phy rec­og­nizes this and tries to change it. She writes:

These tapes­tries are telling the sto­ries of these key and essen­tial casualties:

- loss of sale value : these tapes­tries are expen­sive (mate­r­ial and time con­sum­ing), but worth peanuts.
– loss of aes­thetic value : these tapes­tries are con­sid­ered ugly and out of date, but have their own hid­den beauty, par­tic­u­larly for those who are them.
– loss of emo­tional value : these tapes­tries are telling love and fam­ily hap­pi­ness sto­ries, but are aban­doned and thrown into mud.

I revi­tal­ize them, offer­ing a redemp­tion, beneath ani­mal appear­ance and cov­ered with this pop­u­lar lan­guage. I give them back their cen­tral and essen­tial place inside households.

Frédérique Morrel Frédérique Morrel frederiquemorrel11 frederiquemorrel10 frederiquemorrel9 frederiquemorrel8 frederiquemorrel7 frederiquemorrel6 frederiquemorrel5 frederiquemorrel4 frederiquemorrel2 frederiquemorrel

Paper-Cut Illustrations with a Relief-Sculpture Feel

Maëlle Doliveux

Last week, I shared paper-crafted illus­tra­tions by Estu­dio Guard­a­bosques and this week it’s the hand­i­work of Maëlle Doliveux. The New York-based cre­ative sculpts paper into edi­to­r­ial illus­tra­tions for clients like Newsweek and the Boston Globe. But really, our enjoy­ment doesn’t hinge on the fact that these are pro­fes­sional assign­ments. She’s made inter­est­ing and beau­ti­ful images that stand on their own as art­works. I espe­cially like how Maëlle uses light to add drama and enhance the cuts that she’s made in the paper. It gives them a nice 3D feel — like a relief sculpture.

Maëlle Doliveux Maëlle Doliveux mdoliveux-13 mdoliveux-12 mdoliveux-3 mdoliveux-2 mdoliveux-6 mdoliveux-5 mdoliveux-4 Cut paper comics! I love this idea:mdoliveux-8 mdoliveux-9

Colorful Cut-Paper Collages by Chris Hagen


Using a com­bi­na­tion of paint­ing and col­lage, illus­tra­tor Chris Hagen cre­ates vibrant works that high­light the nat­ural beauty of this world. Ani­mals, land­scape scenes, and even some fan­tas­ti­cal things hap­pen in his tex­tured scenes. I’m a huge fan of col­lage and love this tech­nique. Chris painted and drew on pieces of paper and then cut them out and assem­bled them into a flat, folk-inspired com­po­si­tions. See an in-progress shot below! He has even more on his Face­book page.

Chris has an Etsy shop and a Folksy shop where greet­ing cards and prints are avail­able for purchase.

chris hagen chris hagen chris hagen chrishagen-7 chrishagen-8chrishagen-9 chrishagen-1 chrishagen-2

Dingding Hu’s Illustrations are Everyday Life… Enhanced

dingding hu

I went to grad school with the (now) New York-based illus­tra­tor Dingding Hu, and it’s been a plea­sure see­ing her work develop since we’ve grad­u­ated. I love these col­or­ful, bizarre, and ener­getic illus­tra­tions that she’s made. They’re busy scenes with a lot of details, so make sure that you look at what’s hap­pen­ing in both the fore­ground and back­ground — it’s all very entertaining!

Dingding writes that “she loves to make fun and juicy images, to express her curios­ity about the quirk­i­ness of every­day life.” I’d say it’s every­day life+ . She enhances the ordi­nary with sur­real and dream­like elements.

dingding hu dingding hu dingding hu dingdinghu5 dingdinghu6 dingdinghu8 dingdinghu7


13 Submissions from the Collage Scrap Exchange (Pt. 2)

Each day, I receive more and more sub­mis­sions from those who par­tic­i­pated in the Col­lage Scrap Exchange. It’s great! I am always so excited to see the cre­ative things that ya’ll came up with (and sent each other!). Here are a selec­tion of 13 I’ve received so far. Check out my other ear­lier post that fea­tures 6 submissions.

A reminder to those who are par­tic­i­pat­ing: the dead­line is Feb­ru­ary 15. That’s less than a month! You can email me your sub­mis­sions once you’re done. I can’t wait to see them!

I’ll leave you with one very awe­some email I received from par­tic­i­pant Beth Maiden about her experience.

My friend Polly and I booked a teeny-tiny cabin in the hills of mid-Wales for the week­end — I thought this would be the per­fect time to do my col­lage. It snowed and we woke up to a total win­tery won­der­land. We went out in the snow for long walk, then came home, stoked up the fire, put on the radio and got busy with scis­sors and glue. It was so blissful.

That sounds amazing!

Collages by Polly

Col­lages by Polly

Polly working on her collages!

Polly work­ing on her collages!

Awesomely Outrageous Scenes on Silk Scarves by Karen Mabon

karen mabon

So, ear­lier this week I shared some illus­tra­tive scarves by Nathalie Lété, and now it’s these silk beau­ties by artist and designer Karen Mabon. They’re whim­si­cal as well as nar­ra­tive and char­ac­ter dri­ven — terms you nor­mally wouldn’t use to describe scarves. Karen’s out­ra­geous, busy scenes fea­ture things such eat­ing at a diner, rob­bing a candy store, and a sleight of hand. It’s totally not what you’d expect to be on a scarf and makes each piece a wear­able work of art.

On her web­site, it says that “Karen rev­els in pro­duc­ing work that is acces­si­ble, indi­vid­ual and fun.” That’s exactly what I love about these scarves. This style isn’t for stodgy old ladies anymore!

I found Karen’s work via the online shop Whim. Check it out for other awe­some good­ies. I swoon at their sweaters!

karen mabon karen mabon karen-mabon5karen-mabon3 karen-mabon11karen-mabon10karen-mabon2karen-mabon12 karen-mabon-karen-mabon14