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Libby VanderPloeg’s Love of Cooking Leads to a Career in Animated GIFs

Libby Vanderploeg illustration

Lars Book Club Poster, featuring a quote by Mary Going from In the Company of Women, by Grace Bonney

The ani­mat­ed GIF made its debut to the world in 1987, but it remains even more rel­e­vant today. It’s com­mon, espe­cial­ly for illus­tra­tions that live only on the web, that they have a motion-based ele­ment to them. Lib­by Van­der­Ploeg is one of my favorite illus­tra­tors using this for­mat to enhance her work.

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Illustration, Inspirational Instagram

Amber Davenport’s Hypnotic Illustrations Welcome You to the Jungle

Jungle illustrations by Amber Davenport

One of my favorite things about Insta­gram is when illus­tra­tors share their work in progress. I love see­ing the process! Amber Dav­en­port, a self-pro­claimed “pat­tern lover,” shares her paint­ings in the midst of being created—including the her cur­rent palette. The acrylic pig­ment is used in busy jun­gle illus­tra­tions fea­tur­ing loads of flo­rals and crea­ture friends. Their dizzy­ing com­bi­na­tion of col­or and paint­ed tex­ture makes them a joy to look at and begs you to spend some time with them.

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Illustration, The Color Series

The Color Series | 20 Gray Illustrations That Quiet Down a Busy World

Gray illustrations

If you’re a long time read­er to Brown Paper Bag, you know that I love col­or. I’ve spent more than a month (so far) on the The Col­or Series, which chron­i­cles illus­tra­tion, embroi­dery, and even sketch­books to show how cre­atives will uti­lize a sin­gle col­or in their work. So far, I’ve select­ed vibrant col­ors like pink, green, and pur­ple. But today, let’s back off from bril­liant blue and set our sights on gray  illustrations(or grey, for those across the pond).

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