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Charming Embroidery Patterns Highlight the Collaborative Nature of the Craft

Modern embroidery patterns by Thread Folk and Lauren Merrick

Whether you real­ize it or not, col­lab­o­ra­tion is inher­ent in embroi­dery. To begin, an embroi­dery artist will cre­ate a design and make it into a pat­tern for oth­ers to com­plete as they wish. Col­or choic­es, for instance, can change based on the whims of that par­tic­u­lar stitch­er. Lib­by Moore of Thread Folk takes this col­lab­o­ra­tion idea a step fur­ther with her mod­ern embroi­dery pat­terns. In her charm­ing Artist Series, she trans­lates an illustrator’s work into some­thing that any­one can com­plete with a nee­dle and thread.

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Famous Ladies’ Portraits Pay Homage to Pioneering Women—While Inspiring Us to Do the Same

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Famous Ladies is an illus­trat­ed homage,” Alexan­dra Beguez writes, “to some of the most influ­en­tial and inspir­ing women in STEM, lit­er­a­ture, the visu­al and per­form­ing arts, sports, and explo­ration.” The strik­ing pen-and-ink draw­ings cap­ture faith­ful like­ness­es of these incred­i­ble women who, as Alexan­dra says, “paved the way for future gen­er­a­tions of women and men alike to work towards their dreams.”

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Impossibly Tiny People Enjoying a Tranquil Dip Amid Grandiose Landscapes

Joanne Ho Swimming Paintings

Almost a year to the day, I wrote about Joanne Ho’s exquis­ite swim­ming paint­ings. From a bird’s eye view, she intro­duced us to a bevy of anony­mous char­ac­ters who were so tiny they looked like ants among the grandiose land­scape. Well, Joanne is back with more! She recent­ly shared with me some of her lat­est works, which still fea­ture minia­ture folks doing what they do best—enjoying the scenery.

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Charming Bicycle Embroideries Have Beautiful Blooms Spilling from Their Baskets

Bicycle Embroidery

I don’t have a car, so rid­ing the local bike share is one of the ways I get around. But, I can guar­an­tee that my rides are not near­ly as whim­si­cal as the bicy­cle embroi­dery by Walk­er Boyes of True­Fort. Called the Velo Series, it fea­tures hand-stitched bikes that are dec­o­rat­ed with col­or­ful blooms. They rep­re­sent a fan­ta­sy, like some­thing out of a movie—carefree week­end excur­sions to the farmer’s mar­ket that over­flow with a boun­ty of fresh flow­ers.

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12 Inspiring Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Best Illustrators to Follow on Instagram

Insta­gram is my go-to social media—not only for the sto­ries and updates, but as a source to find new and excit­ing illus­tra­tors. I love the insight it gives into a creative’s process as well as their lat­est work. If you too are on social net­work, here are some of the best illus­tra­tors on Insta­gram. Each shares a snip­pet of their work, process, and life that encap­su­lates the essence of their visu­al lan­guage.

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Paper Craft

Cubist-Inspired Paper Cutouts Are Effortlessly Cut From a Single Sheet of Paper

Cut Paper Illustration

José Anto­nio Roda cre­ates paper cutouts that look like line draw­ings. Inspired by the Cubist style, his hand cut por­traits have a Picas­so-esque feel—like one of his famous sketch­es. Pro­duced from a sin­gle sheet of paper, his care­ful inci­sions have this effort­less look about them. Shape design is a huge part of cut paper illus­tra­tion, and a big appeal of José’s work is their obvi­ous ded­i­ca­tion to detail and craft.

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Spark’ Your Creativity with 60 Joyful Journal Prompts (+ Giveaway!)

Journal Sparks by Emily Neuberger

Have you ever shut down your com­put­er or closed your lap­top case and breathed a sigh of relief? I rel­ish the feel­ing of dis­con­nect­ing from the online world like that. But then, there’s the feel­ing of “What should I do now?” It’s easy to get wrapped up in Wikipedia arti­cles online, but offline? Not so much. Well, I’ve got a sug­ges­tion for you: pick up a copy of Jour­nal Sparks: Fire Up Your Cre­ativ­i­ty with Spon­ta­neous Art, Wild Writ­ing, and Inven­tive Think­ing. Writ­ten by Emi­ly Neuburg­er, it’s a “launch­ing pad” that offers 60 jour­nal prompts to get your cre­ative juices flow­ing.

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Instead of a Crown, Regal Portraits Wear Nature as the Splendorous Opulence

Black Antoinette by Olaf Hajek

Illus­tra­tor Olaf Hajek is known for his gor­geous paint­ings that are a feast for the eyes. One his more recent series is called Black Antoinette, and it imag­ines Marie Antoinette—the infa­mous Queen of France—as a woman of col­or. The regal por­traits pay homage to his sub­jects’ beau­ty as well as the splen­dor of the nat­ur­al world. As their hair reach­es towards the sky, it’s com­plete­ly com­posed of flow­ers, birds, ani­mals, and fruit. Each illus­tra­tion is visu­al­ly over­whelm­ing (in the best way) and begs you to admire all of its fine paint­ed details.

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