Embroidered Portraits Dazzle with Real Objects Sewn In

Ezgi Pamir embroidery

Embroiders, have you ever tried incorporating other objects into your hoop art? Ezgi Pamir does this to a great effect; she uses fabric, buttons, and branches that add an unexpected sculptural element to her work. Her pieces are portraits—of stylish folks—and there’s always a special accent to them. The women wear scarves that seemingly whip in the wind, giant hats that flop in the breeze, and stiff collars to provide some comfort from the rain.

With this emphasis on fashion, is it any surprise that Ezgi is a costume designer? Because she is!

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Make “Unexpected Discoveries” with Illustrator Mark Conlan

Mark Conlan

From Unexpected Discoveries

Illustrator Mark Conlan‘s engaging and playful work revolves around finding and being found. One of my favorites from him is called Unexpected Discoveries, in which he describes, “This little four part series is all about being able to find certain things that you never knew existed. Its just a mater of shinning light on to the subject. Maybe then you can truly see a whole new world.”

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1 Year of Stitches, Embroidery

A “One Year of Stitches” Project as Seen Through One Embroiderer’s Hoop

1 Year of Stitches project by Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Morgan

Last week, I presented a challenge for 2017, and I’m hoping you’ll join me! The project is called 1 Year of Stitches, and it’s a 365-day project in which you fill a hoop (or two) with a crazy amount of colors, patterns, and stitches. 1 Year of Stitches is the brainchild of Hannah Claire Somerville, who has invited anyone interested to join in this impressive endeavor. Inspired by her work, Michelle Anais Beaulieu-Morgan embarked on this craft journey in mid-2016. Now, she’s about halfway through (you can start at any time of the year).

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Women Who Draw: A New Open Directory of Female Professional Illustrators

Women Who Draw

I saw my new favorite thing on the internet yesterday, and it’s called Women Who Draw. The site is an “open directory of female professional illustrators”—specifically, it is trans-inclusive and encompasses women, trans and gender non-conforming illustrators.

As you scroll through the website, you see a plethora of different artistic approaches, in addition to women of different races/ethnicities, religions, locations, and sexual orientations. Clicking on any of individual characteristics will filter the illustrators who identify with it.

Needless to say, I love this project. It’s a fantastic resource—especially if you’re looking to hire a woman illustrator—and encourages other art directors, etc, to do the same. And if you just wanna browse, it’s a great way to effortlessly discover new and exciting image makers.

If you’re female-identifying illustrator, join today!

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Illustrated products

Gift Guide: 20 Gifts from Illustrators You’ll Only Find on Society6

Society6 holiday gift guide

Last week, I shared 35 illustrative holiday gifts you can only find on Etsy, so let’s switch gears this week and check out what’s on Society6—another platform for artists. Whereas Etsy often focuses on one-of-a-kind-pieces, Society6 offers a wide variety of the products that artists have their work printed on. The good news is that if you like an illustrator’s work, you can own it in many different forms. Society6 is a mix of expensive art prints to quirky clothing to fun stocking stuffers. (I even bought my shower curtain on the site!)

If you’re still searching for some last minute gifts, you’re in luck! Today, December 12, they’re offering 25% off and free shipping worldwide. Have fun!

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Illustrated Daily Affirmations to Make Your Day an Empowered One

Illustration by Noa Snir, daily affirmations by Amy Rose Spiegel

At the end of November, writer Amy Rose Spiegel shared daily affirmations—mantras to help you start your day. Illustrated by Noa Snir, the short sentences are reminders to trust yourself, love yourself, and not to be afraid of what it is you want. Bookmark these mantras to look at whenever you need a mental boost. One of my favorites is “Trusting your own thoughts is the highest form of prayer.”

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Intriguing ‘Upside Down’ Worlds of Gemma Capdevila

Gemma Capdevila illustration

Gemma Capdevila turns the world topsy-turvey in her colorful collage illustrations. They often showcase both land and sea, in flattened, halved views that are a less scary version of the Upside Down. In this parallel place, it’s as if there are people living above and below the water in the same way. The homes look identical whether they reach the sky or deeper into cerulean blue. Which side would you choose?

Instagrammers, you can also follow her work that way!

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1 Year of Stitches

Make 2017 Your Year of Embroidery: Join the “1 Year of Stitches” Project

1 year of stitches: join the fun!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Hannah Claire Somerville’s ambitious 365-day project called 1 Year of Stitches. The name says it all—each day, she adds at least one stitch to the same embroidery hoop. Throughout the year, the design grows and grows, taking on a life of its own inside of this circle. In addition to the stitches, each day is chronicled via Instagram and includes a short post. It’s a compelling public diary of sorts.

I’ve thought a lot about Hannah’s project and decided that I want 2017 to be my 1 Year of Stitches. Hannah has always invited people to join her, and yes—I will take her up on the offer! I heard from many of you through my weekly newsletter that you’d be interested in working on it, too.

So, let’s do it! Let’s make 2017 the year of embroidery. 

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