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Wildflower Ceramics That’ll Make You Want to Frolic in a Sunny Field

painted ceramics by roootree

Inspired by wild­flow­ers, roootree (aka Kaori) illus­trates their col­or­ful beau­ty onto porce­lain plates, cups, and saucers. My favorite pattern—a mix­ture of tall grass­es and bright buds—seems undoubt­ed­ly inspired by this mead­ow of wild­flow­ers. Kaori has trans­lat­ed the end­less rows of flow­ers into lay­ers of col­or and tex­ture. Using a com­bi­na­tion of tight draw­ing and dif­fused shapes, she cre­ates the feel­ing of depth. It’s as if her illus­trat­ed ceram­ics are actu­al­ly made of a field of blooms.

Kaori sells her wildflower ceramics on Etsy.

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Illustration History

#TBT | Lorraine Fox, a Standout in a “Field Overbearingly Populated by Men”

Illustration of women by Lorraine Fox

A few weeks ago, I debut­ed a #TBT series that’ll focus on illus­tra­tion pro­duced long ago. Next up is Lor­raine Fox was an edi­to­ri­al illus­tra­tor whose work graced mag­a­zi­nes, book cov­ers, and adver­tise­ments dur­ing the mid 20th cen­tu­ry. She was described a stand­out in a “field over­bear­ing­ly pop­u­lat­ed by men.”

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Illustrated Ceramics Capture the Beautiful Spontaneity of Sketchbook Pages

tiger painting

Leah Goren is an illus­tra­tor known for her awe-inspir­ing sketch­book. That spon­ta­neous, painter­ly-style works on more than just paper, though. She’s trans­ferred her vis­i­ble, ener­get­ic brush strokes to hand-built illus­trat­ed ceram­ic plates and ves­sels. They too feel like some­thing out of her 2D illus­tra­tions, but with the­se, they’ve got an added prac­ti­cal pur­pose of dis­play­ing fresh cut flow­ers or store your favorite rings. Per­son­al­ly, I wish she’d make anoth­er one of the tiger dish­es.

Leah sells her one-of-a-kind ceram­ics in her online shop. But if ceram­ics aren’t your thing, Leah also has a Skill­share class called Illus­tra­tion & Inspi­ra­tion: Keep­ing a Sketch­book.

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Floating Among the Infinite Abyss with Illustrator Sonia Alins

illustrations of women swimming by Sonia Alins

Over two years ago, I first fea­tured the intrigu­ing work of Sonia Alins. Back then, she had recent­ly com­plet­ed a series called Dones d’aigua, which fea­tured illus­tra­tions of wom­en swim­ming — and some­times strug­gling — among a hazy watery abyss. Sonia has recent­ly released a con­tin­u­a­tion of the­se com­pelling vignettes that’s appro­pri­ate­ly titled Dones d’aigua II.

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Exquisite Wreath Weavings Frame the World in Real Flowers

Olga Prinku floral wreath weavings

I’ve fea­tured a fair share of hoop art on Brown Paper Bag, and it gen­er­al­ly involves embroi­dery thread—but not for crafter Olga Prinku. Rather, she’s reimag­ined this pop­u­lar for­mat with her flo­ral wreath weav­ings. Using a tulle (or mesh) fab­ric, Olga places small blooms—both fresh cut and dried—into art­ful arrange­ments. They com­pose half cres­cent shapes around the cir­cles in a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent-sized flow­ers, leaves, and berries.

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Female Activists Throughout History’ Honored in One Glorious Poster

Rachel Ignotofsky Female Activists Throughout History

This week, I’ve shared vibrant por­traits cel­e­brat­ing wom­en of col­or and strong females kick­ing the shins of the patri­archy. Let’s cap off this week with the work of Rachel Ignotof­sky, who recent­ly released a poster depict­ing Female Activists Through­out His­to­ry. “The­se wom­en have fought, orga­nized, and protest­ed the inequal­i­ty they saw around them,” Rachel explains. “This poster cel­e­brates how they helped to cre­ate a bet­ter future. I hope this illus­tra­tion inspires you to use your own unique voice to resist and fight injus­tice.” Half of the pro­ceeds from each sale will be donat­ed to the ACLU in your name.

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A ‘Kick in the Shin of the Patriarchy’ | Interview with Illustrator Hayley Powers Thornton-Kennedy

Hayley Thornton-Kennedy illustration activism strong female figures

Hayley Thornton-Kennedy illustration activism strong female figures

I first met Hay­ley Pow­ers Thorn­ton-Kennedy when I vis­it­ed the MFA Illus­tra­tion Prac­tice pro­gram (MFA ILP) as a guest crit­ic and lec­tur­er. In their cozy, well-lit stu­dio, she showed me a selec­tion of sig­nage she had cre­at­ed for the Women’s March on Jan­u­ary 21. I was instant­ly attract­ed to the bold illus­tra­tions and, above all, imagery fea­tur­ing strong female fig­ures. I had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to talk to Hay­ley more about her work, both in per­son and via email. The con­ver­sa­tion and her illus­tra­tions seem espe­cial­ly fit­ting for today’s Inter­na­tion­al Women’s Day and A Day With­out Wom­en.

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Illustrated 3D Puzzle Imagines a Beautiful World Under the Sea

Bozka Rydlewska pop up 3D puzzle

It’s been two years since I last shared the three-dimen­sion­al illus­tra­tions of Bozka Rydlewska (aka Bozka). Back in 2015, she had recent­ly start­ed her for­ay into pop-up and tun­nel books. They focused specif­i­cal­ly on botany and were (and still are!) exquis­ite in their depic­tion of nat­u­ral of beau­ty. Since then, Bozka has con­tin­ued her work in mul­ti­ple dimen­sions and cre­at­ed a 3D puz­zle that’s under the sea.

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