Palm-Sized Moths That Won’t Give You the Heebie Jeebies, I Promise


So these little creatures have been making their way around the web, and with good reason; they’re really neat! North Carolina-based artist Yumi Okita handcrafted these textile moths, using a combination of fabric, cotton, fake fur, embroidery thread, wire, feathers, and more to construct them. The colorful sculptures will fit in the palm of your hand and are available in Okita’s Etsy shop. Via The Jealous Curator.

yumi okitamoth5moth1moth3moth2moth4moth6moth8


Amélie Fléchais’ Gorgeous, Vintage-Inspired Children’s Book

Amélie Fléchais

These beautiful images are by French illustrator Amélie Fléchais. They’re from her children’s book Le Petit Loup Rouge that was released in June of this year. It starts out saying:

Once upon a time in the middle of a thick and mysterious forest stood a strange tree house, the home of a little wolf know to everyone as ‘Little red wolf’…”

Fléchais’ delicate, vintage-inspired illustrations depict a dark inner forest, a lot of light, and a cute wolf in an adorable red coat. I’d love to read the words to get the entire story!

Amélie FléchaisAmélie Fléchaisle-petit4le-petit5le-petit6le-petit7le-petit8

Embroidery, Illustration

Olympia Le-Tan’s Beautiful Embroidered Clutches Look like the Cover of a Book

olympia le-tan

Book lovers and ocean enthusiasts… this post is for you!

It’s hot in Baltimore (hello 99% humidity…) and sort of rainy, so these nautical-inspired accessories by Olympia Le-Tan (previously) seem very appropriate. The artist/illustrator/maker hand embroiders and appliques vintage book cover clutches, beaded fish purses, and caviar-themed handbags.  So, these aren’t just products – they’re works of art! I’m super impressed by the high level of craft in each one of Le-Tan’s objects.

olympia-le-tan8 olympia-le-tan3 olympia-le-tan10olympia-tan14olympia le-tanolympia-tan16olympia-tan13 olympia-le-tan5olympia-tan17 olympia-tan15olympia-le-tan11 olympia-le-tan9


Charlotte Smith’s Delightful Paper-Sculpted Pastries

charlotte smith

I’ve always had a sweet tooth, and my desire for sugar hasn’t faded as I’ve aged (will it ever?). So, when I saw designer/illustrator Charlotte Smith’s paper sculptures that featured delicious-looking cakes, popsicles, and other goodies, I was excited.

The angular objects adorn food and beverages with delightful details. She garnishes tea with sliced lemons and even includes festive-looking straws in her milk. Wouldn’t you order these if they were served in a cafe? I know I would. papercup icecream papermugmacaron ice2 apple


Delightful and Naughty Illustrations by Irene Rinaldi

irene rinaldi

Irene Rinaldi is an Italian illustrator whose limited color and floral-heavy scenes are stylized in just the way I like. She depicts figures inside and outside, wearing stylish clothes and lounging on the couch. Aesthetically, I enjoy seeing the broken applications of color paired with bold shapes. Some illustrations are fun, others are naughty and all are beautiful.  irene4irene6 irene10 irene8 irene11

irene9 irene5 irene2 irene13irene rinaldi

Illustration, Sculpture

Judy Kaufmann Cloaks Everything in Her Patterned Work

judy kaufmann

Illustrator Judy Kaufmann recently unveiled Hello Pattern, a collection of surface designs that she created. It features a wide selection of geometric, organic, and typographic forms that can be licensed and applied to paper, fabric, wood, and walls!

While there are many more patterns available on her site, I was drawn to these images where she cloaks the entire scene in her work. It abstracts objects and space in an engaging way, and I can imagine how her playful aesthetic could be used in a variety of projects.

judy_kaufmann3 judy_kaufmann8 judy_kaufmann judy_kaufmann7 judy_kaufmann6 judy_kaufmann5 judy_kaufmann4



Your Twenties Sorta Suck, According to Natalie Adkins

natalie adkins

My parents place or yours?

For those of you (this includes me) in your 20’s what do you think? Better or worse than you expected? Illustrator Natalie Adkins has a scathing, tongue-in-cheek look at what we thought life would be like vs. what it actually is.

The titles for these pieces are hilarious, so I’m including them in the captions. Via The Fox is Black.

If You Fell In The Shower and No One Was There To Hear You Fall, Would You Still Make a Sound?

If You Fell In The Shower and No One Was There To Hear You Fall, Would You Still Make a Sound?

It's Not That People Won't Give You The Time of Day, They Won't Give You The Morning After.

It’s Not That People Won’t Give You The Time of Day, They Won’t Give You The Morning After.

Adkins created image-changing volvelles with these illustrations that create a new message as they’re turned.


And finally, here’s a collag animal for good measure. I really enjoy her cut paper stylizations.

natalie adkins

Embroidery, Illustration

Incredible Stitched Illustrations by Almas Pieters

almas pieters

Almas Pieters is an illustrator based in the Netherlands who creates her illustrations with things like textiles and embroidery thread. She uses a variety of stitches to create full color and highly textured works of three-eyed beasts, masks, and severed heads.

I’m really impressed with the craft of Pieter’s work. The stitches are neatly applied, and there’s a real sense of movement in each piece. Perfect for depicting waves, limbs, and more.

almas pietersalmas4almas pietersalmas5almas6almas7