A Time Out For Today


Hey ya’ll, I’m gonna have to take a time out on posting today. Yesterday, I spent a lot of time at the vet and ultimately had to put my young cat, Marge, to sleep. It was a shock and all very sudden, so needless to say I’ve fallen behind on my weekly routine. I’m going to spend some extra time hugging my other cat, Pauline, and remembering what a funny and sweet cat Marge was.

See ya Wednesday. Thanks, everyone!


Masks, Coffins, Castles, And More… Via Pieter Van Eenoge

'Baldwin with the Iron Arm vs. the Bear of Bruges'

Pieter Van Eenoge’s illustration’s don’t hold a lot back. Color, composition, general weirdness… these seem to have it all. I like strange, and enjoy seeing a bear wearing boxing gloves and eating a chocolate bar, a house full of fish, and a woman tenderly cradling a garden gnome.

Take the time to really delve into Van Eenoge’s work. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

All images via his Flickr.

Hereditary research

Dood van de terrorist

May your 2014 be filled with wonderful surprises!

Autumn flood


I just can't play that hard anymore


Christmas crack-her



Naomi Okubo’s Calamities of Pattern and Color

Naomi Okubo

Naomi Okubo’s paintings are a collision of pattern and color, where everything is draped in detail. Flat, large fields of color don’t seem to exist and are instead replaced by ornate flower arrangements, plaid, and stripes. The visual calamity is what makes her work interesting, especially as our eye wades through the complex image.

Okubo writes that her pieces explore the relationship that we have to fashion and our appearance, especially when the desire to be on trend becomes more important than other (arguably more important) facets of our existence.

All images via her website.

naomi22 paintingnaomi2naomi5naomi4Naomi OkuboNaomi Okubonaomi8

Lately & Liked

Faces I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

Happy Friday! Nothing deep or insightful about today’s post. Just a whole bunch of images with faces I’ve seen lately and liked. Food, art, accessories… nothing will escape my face-grabbing wrath. Share your favorite faces with me on Twitter!

As always, I grab a lot of Friday’s posts off my Pinterest. Follow my boards and see what I’m pinning throughout the week!








Gizem Vural Has Me Wishing It Were Spring Already


Maybe you’ve noticed or maybe you haven’t, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sharing the work of a different illustrator each afternoon (EST!). So today, let’s look at the work of Gizem Vural. She reached out to me through Twitter, and her bright and dreamy landscapes have me wishing that it was spring already. I’m sure she does too, seeing that she lives in upstate New York!

I enjoy her fantastical images that feature ladies, especially when they are on a magical journey.

Check out her Behance page or follow her on Tumblr!

G. VuralGizem VuralG. VuralGizem VuralGizem G. VuralG.VuralGizemG. VuralGizem Vural


Jan Manski’s Grotesquely Fascinating “Onania”

Jan Manski

There’s a simultaneous horror and fascination that goes along with viewing Jan Manski’s work, specifically his series titled Onania. In it, tentacles grow out of faces, and fleshy, putrid-looking skin is juxtaposed with a powdery pink, like the shade that Mary Kay ladies wear. Figures are on display, and magazines covers with supermodels are mutilated and ruined. Manski has come up with a complex back story to accompany his work, and it’s pretty bleak. Here’s a snippet from it:

Onania hosts an alternate reality and fertile breeding ground for
mankind’s most despicable modern habits. Narcissism bred from
frantic consumer culture is shownat its most destructive, with
Onania’s inhabitants seeking its prime offering – unadulterated and
uninterrupted pleasure. Manski’s meticulous and total attention to
minute detail has borne a product encased in the methodologies of
this eminently inviting and hostile environment.

This series is part one of a trilogy. Currently, he’s working on Possesia and Eugenica will be released in 2015.

Jan Manskimagdetail2magdetailcomposite3300190composite4


8-Bit Gifs by Dusan Cezek Capture Iconic Movie Moments

dusan cezek

A Life Aquatic

Fact: My twin brother is currently pursing his PhD and studying film. In preparation for an exam he had to take in his 2nd year, he watched 72 films. 72! And while he has watched many, many films, I am the opposite. I’ve seen very few movies, and maybe half of those featured in artist Dusan Cezek‘s animated series, PixelwoodEven if this is the case, I’m still delighted by these 8-Bit Gifs, which is a testament to Cezek’s animating prowess.  Each image captures famous moments from the particular film in the flat, pixelated style and makes me eager to find them in their companions. (Via designboom)

dusan cezek


dusan cezek

District 9

Shaun of the Dead

Shaun of the Dead

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre

Total Recall

Total Recall

Fight Club

Fight Club

Fifth Element

Fifth Element



Artist, Drawing

In Gary Kachadourian’s Drawings, You Are The Character

gary kachadourian

Gary Kachadourian is a Baltimore-based artist who takes over rooms and creates site-specific installations with his drawings. I was able to stand in the middle of his work years ago when he was the recipient of the Mary Sawyers Baker Prize and had his work exhibited at the Baltimore Museum of Art. And, let me just say that it was incredible. The entire space was covered in his enlarged photocopied drawings and it was the world according to Kachadourian. It was not only the wall, but the ceilings and floor, too.

His work differs from the full-size drawings of Charlotte Mann (featured earlier today), as Kachadourian’s uses graphite to render these engaging depictions of urban life. Once you step into one of his installations, you are a character in his drawings. Do so and love it.

All images via his website.

gary kachadourian
gary kachadourian 13_wallsfloorsm 13_webtowsoninstallationback213_evergreeninstallationback1a 13_webevergreenwallcomp 13_webbankmachinstalled13_pepsimachine2bweb 13_jerseybarrierspotapot1aweb


Charlotte Mann’s Illustrations Cover Walls

charlotte mann

Drawing and coloring was one of my first hobbies. As a kid, I would camp out on my couch and draw what was sitting on the coffee table. Even though I don’t do it as much any more, I still love looking at artists that wield the pencil and do it well. Today, I’m focusing on two artists that super size their work, and convert their drawings into life size installations.

Charlotte Mann’s bold lines and exquisite drawings are produced with markers on a wall. She depicts detailed landscapes out of windows, messy desks, and stylish coats and bags. The sheer amount of detail is amazing, and the style of her work is really great – causal yet sophisticated, like you can tell she finds a lot of joy from what she does.

All images via her website. H/T Doodlers.

charolette3-1charolette5 charolette6charolette7charolette7-1charolette9

BPB Projects, Ceramics

It’s Your Last Chance to Score Eleonor Boström’s ‘Lost Dog’


If you’ve had your eye on Eleonor Boström series Lost Dogs, or haven’t seen it yet, then check it out – February 28th will be your last chance to adopt these adorable ceramic dogs out of my shop.

Eleonor Boström is a ceramic artist and illustrator based in Berlin, Germany. You might have seen her dogs in cups floating around the likes of Pinterest. Like the rest of her work, these dogs are handcrafted by Eleonor and completely unique. She crafted the series Lost Dog exclusively for my shop!