Ed J. Brown Illustrations Are a Big Sexy Jigsaw

ejb9Ed J. Brown seems like a fun guy based on the bio on his “About” page, proving that you should never underestimate the power of a well-written blurb about yourself. Its tone is an easy way to give the viewer a sense of who you are. Read his amusing prose:

Ed would describe himself as a digital artist with print based tendencies. Inspired by analogue print techniques such as etchings, woodcuts and silk screens. Ed is a bit of a texture freak.

All his work consists of completely hand drawn and hand made images, even the colours he uses come from scanned in sugar paper – this is all assembled in Photoshop like a big sexy jigsaw.

…Big sexy jigsaw. Yes. All images via his website. Follow him on Tumblr, too.

Ed J. Brown Ed J. Brown ejb4 ejb5 ejb6 ejb7 ejb8Ed J. Brown


Sebastian Bieniek’s “Doublefaced” is a Series of Optical Illusions

Sebastian Bieniek

The portrait series Doublefaced by photographer Sebastian Bieniek features a woman who drew a face (or faces) on her head and positioned herself in such a way that it she appears to be not one, but two people. This project is an optical illusion, a bit of a mind bender, and overall pretty clever, if not slightly creepy. I think that the element of confusion is what makes it successful, and I especially like when Bieniek ventures into public. I’m sure that the model’s presence elicited some strange reactions and double takes from passerbys. (Via iGNANT)

Sebastian Bieniekdoubletake Sebastian Bieniek doublefaced05 doublefaced06 doublefaced10


Josephin Ritschel’s Drawings Illustrate A Slice of Life and More


I recently rediscovered looking at my Flickr on regular basis, and I’m so happy I did. It’s been a treasure trove of good stuff by talented artists that I in turn get to share with you, such as the works of Josephin Ritschel. Ritschel’s works capture a slice of life (like the cat above), illustrate stories about criminal activity, and are also comics, too. In general, find graphite drawings really soothing; I think it’s something about the soft, warm texture that reminds me of days when I was younger and would just spend them drawing. Her works make me feel the same, even if the subject matter is a little unnerving.

Below I’ve shared some of her single drawings, but be sure to check out her Flickr or website to see spreads from her sequential illustrations.

E.1027 Riso Print "Le Corbusier Version"
Oasis 1
Oasis 1
Prinz von Bel Air 2
Prime Russian MagazineSolitude
Future Pforte
Animal Farm
Moby Dick


Lindsey Hampton’s Ceramics are Clever And Jubilant

lindsey hamptonLindsey Hampton is a multidisciplinary artist who designs, photographs, and more. For now, I am going to focus on her ceramics and installations because it’s what originally drew me to her portfolio. The vessels that Hampton sculpts have an understated sophistication to them. They are colorful but not overwhelming, jubilant without being saccharine, and as a whole really clever. I love how subtle they are – the silhouettes are clean, and you’re able to focus on details like the skewed plant stand (below) or the retooling of the average table lamp (above).

Here’s part of a short statement about Hampton’s work, and how she achieves continuity no matter what she’s crafting:

Hampton’s use of colour, pattern and shape speak together across all platforms, she thrives in the delicate balance between positive and negative space. Hampton believes that everything is design, whether  creating a poster or logo, a ceramic vessel or mug; her approach is equal.

All images via her website.

lindseyhampton10lindseyhampton7 lindseyhampton5 lindseyhampton6lindseyhampton4 lindseyhampton3 lindseyhampton2lindseyhampton8 lindseyhampton11 lindseyhampton9lindseyhampton12 lindseyhampton14 lindseyhampton13

Lately & Liked

Accolades, Badges, and Banners I’ve Seen Lately and Liked

ll_secretholiday(Via Secret Holiday)

With the beginning of the 2014 Winter Olympics, it feels appropriate to have a post dedicated to accolades and badges. Not necessarily the type you’d find given at the Olympics… but I don’t have a problem with that, do you?


ll_secretholiday3I love these positive reminders by Secret Holiday.

ll_hammerpress ll_hammerpress4 ll_hammerpress3 ll_hammerpress2Badges that are also cards by Hammerpress. They are from my hometown of Kansas City, Missouri! I visited their studio many, many years ago when I was in high school.

ll_myokubithreads4 ll_myokubithreads3 ll_myokubithreads2 ll_myokubithreadsSilly and not-so-silly patches by Mokuyobi Threads. How do I get into the Bear Friend Society?

ll_peoplespenant ll_peoplespenant2 ll_peoplespenant3Pizza time and happy hour – two things I want tonight. Illustrated pennants by The People’s Pennant.

ll_pinestreetPine Street Makery makes an East pennant. Perfect for if you live on the east coast, or just the east side of town.

ll_mitzi4 ll_mitzi3 ll_mitzi2Vintage horse show ribbons via Mitzi’s Miscellany. (H/T Lesley Barnes)


Dawid Ryski’s Structured Illustrations Exercise Restraint

Dawid RyskiDawid Ryski is a landscape architect by profession and moonlights as an illustrator. Based on his compositions and limited color palette, this makes a lot of sense. There’s a definite structure to his work and order to the chaos. Sometimes, he uses flat fields of color and other times scanned in textures that make the whole illustration and little more interesting.

All images via Behance, but check out Dawid’s website and his start up, Pinata Unique.

Dawid RyskiDawid Ryski Dawid RyskiDawid Ryski dawid6 dawid7 dawid8 dawid9 dawid10


Sasha Unisex Tattoos Remind Me of Lisa Frank Stickers

Sasha Unisex

Do you know that I write for the site My Modern Metropolis?  I do! If you’re not familiar with it, it’s a blog that celebrates visual creativity. The content is a bit different than what’s on Brown Paper Bag, and I really enjoy writing about the wide variety of content that it has to offer (I learn so much!). Anyways, I wrote about these tattoos on My Modern Met earlier this week, and I loved them so much I’d thought I’d share on here.

As you may or may not know, I love tattoos and have several. All of mine are outlined, unlike these colorful tattoos by Sasha Unisex. Her work strays from a conventional style because they don’t use lines and instead use shape and color to define their form. The jewel tones are brilliant, and remind me of a permanent Lisa Frank sticker. Too bad Unisex is based in St. Petersburg, Russia. I’d love to get something done by her!

Also, for readers that have tattoos, how do you think they’ll  hold up? Will the subtle color fade over time and them loose their shape?

All images via her Instagram.

sashaunisex sashaunisex1 sashaunisex2sashaunisex4 sashaunisex3 sashaunisex5 sashaunisex6 sashaunisex7 Sasha Unisex Sasha Unisex


Ellen van Engelen’s Contemporary Trippy Illustrations

Ellen van Engelen

The illustrations by Antwerp-based Ellen van Engelen are pretty trippy, but that’s a major part of their appeal for me. The warm, psychedelic scenes of long-haired women, odd track suits, and surreal brain exploration feel like I’m looking at at the work of Seymour Chwast. He’s one of my all-time-favorite illustrators/designers, so that means I’ll be following the work of Engelen for years and years to come.

All images via her website (which is actually a Tumblr).

Ellen van Engelenellen5 ellen2 ellen3 ellen4 Ellen van Engelen Ellen van Engelen


Aakash Nihalani’s Playful Street Art Made With Tape

Aakash Nihalani

Aakash Nihalani is a street artist based New York. Armed with tape as his medium, he crafts trompe l’oeil scenes by carefully considering perspective and the right vantage point for a photograph. The result is work that’s engaging, vibrant, and fun. Nihalani doesn’t try and attach a high brow meaning to his work, either.  He writes:

For however briefly, I am trying to offer people a chance to step into a different New York than they are used to seeing, and in turn, momentarily escape from routine schedules and lives. We all need the opportunity to see the city more playfully, as a world dominated by the interplay of very basic color and shape. I try to create a new space within the existing space of our everyday world for people to enter freely , and unexpectedly ‘disconnect’ from their reality.

Nihalani goes on to say that this work is him connecting the dots as he sees them. I think it’s a lovely sentiment.

Not all of the following images are in New York, but all images are via his website. H/T Colossal.

Aakash Nihalaniaakash3aakash4Aakash NihalaniAakash Nihalaniaakash2Aakash NihalaniAakash Nihalaniaakash12aakash10