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Energetic Landscape Paintings Represent the Yin and Yang of Life

Kirsten Sims

Once again, Kirsten Sims has cap­tured an incred­i­ble ener­gy in her paint­ings that recall the spon­tane­ity of pen­cil sketch­es. Her lat­est series was cre­at­ed for the Tur­bine Art Fair in Johan­nes­burg, and they fea­ture vibrant out­door and indoor sce­nes that act as a yin and yang—the beau­ty of soli­tude, as well as the hus­tle and bustle of large groups. Each is live­ly in its appli­ca­tion of paint; the col­ors swirl and mix on can­vas, dif­fus­ing and abstract­ing the illus­tra­tions. It’s as if they rep­re­sent one long, fan­tas­tic dream… or bet­ter yet, a mem­o­ry!

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Intricately Chaotic Embroideries are the Beautiful Calm Before the Storm

Allie Frazier embroidery

If Slow Stitch Sophie encap­su­lates intri­cate wild­flow­ers in her hoop art, Allie Fra­zier cap­tures the diffused—and chaotic!—beauty that’s rem­i­nis­cent of a hazy land­scape. Using a vari­ety of stitch­es (includ­ing my favorite, French knots) and bead­ing, the lay­ered, tex­tured pieces are sim­i­lar to abstract patch­es of fog or storm clouds that could seem­ing­ly erupt at any moment.

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Vintage-Inspired Sketchbook Drawings That Depict the Beauty of the Past

Aimee Bee Brooks

If you peruse Aimee Bee BrooksInsta­gram, you’ll find that her sketch­book is full of del­i­cate draw­ings with a retro sen­si­bil­i­ty. In par­tic­u­lar, I’m fond of the illus­tra­tive ladies who don vin­tage hair­styles and fash­ions. Cre­at­ed with a light hand, the por­traits seem to flick­er, like a mem­o­ry you can’t quite grasp onto in your mind—they’re fleet­ing and poignant.

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Illustrated products

Celebrate “Cocktail Hour” with Sarah Ferone’s Illustrated Card Deck

Sarah Ferone Cocktail Hour

You can always use at least one deck of play­ing cards in your home, and illus­tra­tor Sarah Fer­one has cre­at­ed a set that’s a play­ful twist on con­ven­tion. Called Cock­tail Hour, she pays homage to the “craft of the cock­tail” and adorns the cards with fab­u­lous por­traits of peo­ple who hold mud­dlers, mar­tini shak­ers, tiny umbrel­las, and much more.

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Illustrated products

My Weekly 7 Illustrated Product Obsessions

Illustrated product obsessions, November 18

1. Dou­ble Daisy Flow­er Girl Head Vase by Dim + Sum
2. Paint­ed Spoon Por­trait by Emma Liset­te Palmer (She’ll cre­ate a cus­tom one for you!)
3. Roach Clip Neck­lace by Eri­ca Wein­er
4. Woven blan­ket by Slow­down Stu­dio
5. Siame­se Cat Book­marks by Sonia Cav­allini
6. Owl Tat­too Tights by Stern Tights
7. Ceram­ic Chub­by Cat Yarn Bowl by Bar­run­tan­do

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