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9 Painted Leather Jackets That are Wearable Works of Art

Painted leather jackets by Kelly Marie

Kelly Marie of Bash Calligraphy

Leather jack­ets are one of the sta­ple pieces to have in your wardrobe. Whether they’re new or vin­tage, I con­sid­er them an invest­ment. Take good care of it, and the jack­et will last you years to come. To per­son­al­ize these pieces, some peo­ple are paint­ing them with gor­geous flow­ers or hand let­ter­ing.

Inter­est­ed in paint­ing your own leather jack­et? Paint man­u­fac­tur­er Angelus cre­ates acrylic leather paint that has a “non-crack­ing for­mu­la” that’s easy to mix and apply. They also sell a whole starter kit that includes three paints, leather pre­par­er and deglaz­er, paint­brush­es, and more. Time to get schemin’ on what you’ll paint on your jack­et!

In the meantime, here are 9 painted leather jackets to swoon over.

Painted leather jacket by Wolf & Rosie

Wolf & Roise

painted leather jackets by jen mussari

Jen Mussari

Painted leather jacket by Wolf and Rosie

Wolf & Rosie

Painted leather jacket Laurie Lee Leather

Laurie Lee Leather

Painted leather jacket by Kelly marie of Bash Calligraphy

Kelly Marie of Bash Photography

Painted leather jacket by Wolf and Rosie

Wolf & Rosie

Painted leather jacket by Laurie Leather

Laurie Leather

painted leather jacket

Anum Tariq
Painted leather jackets

Painted leather jacket

Painted leather jacket