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Paper & Wooden Goods I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

Paper Pusher - Calendar

 It seems appropriate to pair wood and paper goods together. After all, paper comes from wood. Calendars and holiday cards are all I see right now, and rightly so. In a few weeks, it’ll be 2014! The year has flown by (I’m sure I say this every year), but now it’s time to start crafting an outfit for New Years Eve…

Happy weekend! In case you missed it, you can save 10% on Eleonor Boström’s ceramic dogs and the Sampler handkerchiefs! Just use the discount code BPBLOVESYOU when you check out.

Paper Pusher - CalendarPaper Pusher - Calendar

Risograph calendar now available from Paper Pusher.

Red Cruiser Red Cruiser Red Cruiser

How perfect – a beer and food calender by Red Cruiser on Etsy.

Egg Press Egg PressEgg Press

My friends Zack and Laura sent me an awesome letter pressed holiday card (directly above) from Egg Press.

Severin Millet Severin Millet Severin Millet


Wooden toys by Severin Millet.

Oree Design Oree Design Oree Design

Wooden keyboards by Orée. Portable and blue tooth enabled for your iPad!