Pìccolo Field Trip Day 2: Mr. Boddington’s Studio


Yesterday, we braved the crowds in Midtown Manhattan to visit Mr. Boddington’s Studio, a luxury stationary and paper goods shop. They create custom wedding invitations, greeting cards, recipe cards, wrapping paper, and more! It was great seeing their space, which function as a design space, meeting space, and a storage space, too. Lisa and I were very grateful that Jessie took the time to talk to us about the development of their small business.

Some of their work. All images via Mr. Boddington’s website.

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The thing that impressed me about Mr. Boddington’s Studio is their voice. It’s cheeky and fun, from the back story of the fictitious Mr. Boddington himself to the tone of the copy on their paper products. It’s all quirky with a high attention to detail and beautifully designed. Having the figurehead of Mr. Boddington helps guide their projects to feeling within the same family, no matter what products they produce.