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The Color Series | 15 Illustrations That Exist in a Pink Reverie

Pink Illustrations

Last Mon­day, I start­ed The Col­or Series, in which I select illus­tra­tions, paper craft, and embroi­dery that over­whelm­ing uti­lize one hue in their com­po­si­tions. First up was blue with its tran­quil­i­ty and melan­choly on full dis­play. Now, I’m fea­tur­ing pink; the col­or of beau­ti­ful blooms and cot­ton can­dy.

Like blue, pink has ver­sa­til­i­ty. It’s often seen in illus­tra­tions about fash­ion and shows up in styl­ish ensem­bles. But, the col­or has a sol­id place in nature. Many flow­ers are some vari­a­tion of the hue, and as Car­olyn Gavin demon­strates in a sketch, they make for a love­ly bou­quet. Beyond cloth­ing or blooms, how­ev­er, pink sym­bol­izes day­dreams and what we see when we return to that pleas­ant place.

The color pink is in both fashion, flowers, and gentle daydreams. Check out how 15 pink illustrations use this cotton-candy hue in their compositions.

Pink illustration by Jane Newland

Jane Newland (on Brown Paper Bag)

Pink illustration by Carolyn Gavin

Carolyn Gavin

Pink illustration by Joanne Ho

Joanne Ho (on Brown Paper Bag)

Pink illustration by Jeanie Phan

Jeannie Phan

Pink illustration by Camila Ortega

Camila Ortega (on Brown Paper Bag)

Pink illustration by Monica Ramos

Monica Ramos
Pink illustration by Rosie Harbottle
Rosie Harbottle

Pink illustration by Sander Berg

Sander Berg

Pink illustration by Hayley Powers

Hayley Powers Thornton-Kennedy (on Brown Paper Bag)

Pink illustrations by Madalina Andronic

Madalina Andronic

Pink illustrations by Alessandra Genualdo

Alessandro Genualdo (on Brown Paper Bag)

Pink illustration by Kaori Seno

Kaori Seno

Pink illustration by Becca Stadtlander

Becca Stadtlander

Pink illustration by Jess Phoenix

Jess Phoenix