PyroPet, A Candle that Melts into a Skeleton

PyroPet - Candle

If you’re like me, it is bit­ter­sweet to buy a can­dle. While I love how can­dles smell and the ambiance they pro­vide, it won’t last for­ev­er. Even­tu­al­ly you’ll burn it down and (often) be left with some lame con­tain­er you’ll have to throw away.

But not any­more! PyroPet is a can­dle that trans­forms from a cat to skele­ton. As the can­dle burns, the metal­lic struc­ture is revealed under­neath. Start with a geo­met­ric wax cat (Kisa, as the cre­ators have named it) and end with a creepy metal­lic skele­ton. Pret­ty great.

PyroPet is now avail­able for pre-order on Kick­starter. You have a choice of a gray or pink Kisa. And, don’t let the pic­tures fool you — these can­dles are sur­pris­ing­ly tall at near­ly 7 inch­es. (Via Colos­sal.)

PyroPet - CandlePyroPet - Candle PyroPet - Candle