SIGN UP: Work / Art / Play >> Online Class by Pikaland


My pal Amy at Pikaland has been blogging for years. You’ve probably heard of her wonderful blog. Most recently, she has began teaching offline as an adjunct professor at a design college. In addition to being a teacher and blogger, she’s also a freelance illustrator. Taking all of this knowledge, she’s created an online class titled Work / Art / Play.

Work / Art / Play is a 6-week class that teaches you how to differentiate yourself from all the other talented folks out there. The class will help you build your web presence effectively, how to self-promote, and, simply, how to make money from your art. Check out the detailed syllabus – a lot of great topics will be covered. This class is perfect for recent graduates, working illustrators, and those interested in pursuing illustration as a side career. 

The class starts on Monday, September 16. You have until Sunday, September 8 to enroll. Don’t wait!