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Spherical, Cylindrical, & Circular Things I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

Clay Opera - Ceramics

That title was basically just a long-winded way of saying “round things I’ve seen lately and liked.” Check out some ceramics, balloons, ancient Japanese crafts, and more!

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Clay Opera - Ceramics Clay Opera - CeramicsCharming ceramics by Clay Opera.

Jewelry by Polijewelry Jewelry by Polijewelry Jewelry by Polijewelry

Polish jewelry designer polijewelry.

Snack Caps Snack Caps Snack Caps I’ve been looking at photography accessories as of late, and love these painted lens caps. Appropriately called Snack Caps, they feature a doughnut and hamburger.

Temari Balls Temari Balls Temari Balls

Flickr user NanaAkua‘s grandmother has created over 500 Temari balls, a folk art that originated in China during the 7th century. The hand-embroidered balls are often crafted by parents or grandparents, made from the thread of old kimonos. They are given to children on New Year’s day as a special gift. (Via This Is Colossal)

popI’m hosting a New Years Eve get-together this year, and these balloons by The Flair Exchange on Etsy seem perfect for the occasion!

Varia Tableware Varia Tableware Varia Tableware

Modular tableware: Varia by Gaia Bottari. (Via Design Milk)