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Spherical, Cylindrical, & Circular Things I’ve Seen Lately & Liked

Clay Opera - Ceramics

That title was basi­cal­ly just a long-wind­ed way of say­ing “round things I’ve seen late­ly and liked.” Check out some ceram­ics, bal­loons, ancient Japan­ese crafts, and more!

Each Fri­day, these lists are born from my Pin­ter­est. Don’t for­get to fol­low me to see what I’m pin­ning through­out the week!

Clay Opera - Ceramics Clay Opera - CeramicsCharm­ing ceram­ics by Clay Opera.

Jewelry by Polijewelry Jewelry by Polijewelry Jewelry by Polijewelry

Pol­ish jew­el­ry design­er poli­jew­el­ry.

Snack Caps Snack Caps Snack Caps I’ve been look­ing at pho­tog­ra­phy acces­sories as of late, and love these paint­ed lens caps. Appro­pri­ate­ly called Snack Caps, they fea­ture a dough­nut and ham­burg­er.

Temari Balls Temari Balls Temari Balls

Flickr user NanaAkua’s grand­moth­er has cre­at­ed over 500 Temari balls, a folk art that orig­i­nat­ed in Chi­na dur­ing the 7th cen­tu­ry. The hand-embroi­dered balls are often craft­ed by par­ents or grand­par­ents, made from the thread of old kimonos. They are giv­en to chil­dren on New Year’s day as a spe­cial gift. (Via This Is Colos­sal)

popI’m host­ing a New Years Eve get-togeth­er this year, and these bal­loons by The Flair Exchange on Etsy seem per­fect for the occa­sion!

Varia Tableware Varia Tableware Varia Tableware

Mod­u­lar table­ware: Varia by Gaia Bot­tari. (Via Design Milk)