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Stella Lee


I used to have hair that was pretty long. You could do all the fun things with it, like braid it, putting a bun on the top of your head, brush it a satisfying 100 strokes…but then I decided to chop eight inches (maybe more!) off. While I don’t often regret my decision, it’s looking at work like Stella Lee’s that makes me miss having longer locks.

The graphite against the soft tone of the paper is entrancing and soothing. Stella’s drawing style has a gentle motion to it, and does a wonderful job of rendering hair. Hair can be drawn many different ways, but often times it can be hard to get the shading just right to make it seem that it is simultaneously one body but many individual strands as well.

All images via her website.





Also, I love the die cut that Stella has done to her sketchbook! Leaves me wishing I was a bit more thoughtful with mine.





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