Studio Arhoj’s Ceramics Drip with Colorful, Thick Glaze

Day 3 and count­ing of Brown Paper Bag’s Ceram­ics Week! Yes­ter­day fea­tured Claire Loder’s beau­ti­ful­ly-strange heads while Mon­day saw ani­mal fig­urines by Jen Collins. And today? The small, drip­ping sculp­tures by Stu­dio Arhoj. So, with­out fur­ther ado…


Stu­dio Arhoj is a Dan­ish inte­ri­or and design stu­dio run by Anders Arjhoj. It was orig­i­nal­ly found­ed in Tokyo in 2006 but is now based in Den­mark. The mashup of the two places defines their work; they strive to explore “the rela­tion­ship between Scan­di­na­vian sim­plic­i­ty and tra­di­tion­al Japan­ese cul­ture,” and keep­ing the tra­di­tions of old crafts alive (think wheel throw­ing and glaze con­struc­tion).

We are in love with the hon­esty of clay, glaze and the mag­ic that one set of human hands can
pro­duce, cre­at­ing objects that are both afford­able and unique,” Stu­dio Arhoj writes. And, they def­i­nite­ly achieve it;  I love the psy­che­del­ic col­ors, sweet and wor­ried faces, and the lus­cious drips that hang off the edges.

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