Studio Arhoj’s Ceramics Drip with Colorful, Thick Glaze

Day 3 and counting of Brown Paper Bag’s Ceramics Week! Yesterday featured Claire Loder’s beautifully-strange heads while Monday saw animal figurines by Jen Collins. And today? The small, dripping sculptures by Studio Arhoj. So, without further ado…


Studio Arhoj is a Danish interior and design studio run by Anders Arjhoj. It was originally founded in Tokyo in 2006 but is now based in Denmark. The mashup of the two places defines their work; they strive to explore “the relationship between Scandinavian simplicity and traditional Japanese culture,” and keeping the traditions of old crafts alive (think wheel throwing and glaze construction).

“We are in love with the honesty of clay, glaze and the magic that one set of human hands can
produce, creating objects that are both affordable and unique,” Studio Arhoj writes. And, they definitely achieve it;  I love the psychedelic colors, sweet and worried faces, and the luscious drips that hang off the edges.

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