Meticulously Patterned Folkloric Pottery by Sue Tirrell

sue tirrellsue tirrell

Ceramic artist Sue Tirrell describes her works as “folkloric pottery and sculpture with a modern sensibility.” And that they are. The scalloped-edged plates feature detailed, black and white drawings of different animals like birds, snakes, wolves, and rabbits. Behind them are brightly-colored floral patterns that are a nice juxtaposition to the visually heavy foreground creatures. When you view all of the plates together, they create an intriguing series with a loose narrative thread. I think you could easily arrange them into different stories.

black-wolf-and-rabbit-lunch-13 black-sheep-lunch

black-bird-lunch-13black-bison-lunch-13black-horse-lunch-13 black-owl-lunch-13black-pigs-lunch-13