Illustrator, Sculpture

Sweet and Subversive Sculptures by Eun-Ha Paek

eunha1 eun-ha paek

I first saw Eun-Ha Paek’s ceram­ics while attend­ing ICON7 in 2012.  Her small, bizarre char­ac­ters cap­ti­vated me, and I’ve fol­lowed her work ever since. Today, Paek is still cre­at­ing sculp­tures with clay, in addi­tion to wood and card­board. I enjoy her exag­ger­a­tion of ears, hair, and more; the melted eye­balls and an unhappy drum­stick are simul­ta­ne­ously sub­ver­sive with a candy-colored sur­face treat­ment that feels jubilant.

eunha3 eunha4eunha6 eunha5eunha9 eunha8


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