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Naturalistic Collages Celebrate the Little Things in Our World

Adrienne Slane

I’m fascinated by the amount of little things that there are in the world. Going to overstuffed antique malls and examining all the small objects crammed onto the shelves is enthralling: people have amassed collections of buttons, figurines, flags, postcards, and much, much more, and I love to see how these objects are grouped together. I feel the same way when I look at collages by Adrienne Slane, an Ohio-based artist whose intricate pieces are careful gathering of images. Her diverse imagery includes shells, wildlife, fruit, and fungi, with sources ranging from the 1500s to mid-1900s. The disparate elements come together in a pleasing compositions.

“My work celebrates the beauty and interconnectivity of the universe in a time when our environment is in crisis,” she writes in her artist statement. “It draws its imagery from a wealth of illustrations that encouraged exploration, wonder, and appreciation of nature in decades past.”

Adrienne Slane Adrienne Slane
adrienne-slane-10 adrienne-slane-3 adrienne-slane-2 adrienne-slane-7 adrienne-slane-1 adrienne-slane-9


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My Studio: A New Collage Self-Portrait for Skillshare!


A couple of weeks ago, I launched a class on the online learning site, Skillshare. It’s called Paper Art: Create a Cut Paper Self-Portrait, and it demonstrates how to make a fun collaged picture of YOU! I take you from start to finish: the sketch phase to paper selection to the final portrait. Throughout the videos (which, collectively, are about 20 minutes long), I use this example:


It’s a couple of years old at this point and outdated—now, I have super short hair, am sans Monroe piercing, and I don’t wear glasses (all the time) anymore. So, for the class, I decided to make a brand new self portrait to share with the students. (PS: you can enroll anytime! Please do.)


Here’s my collage self portrait that’s currently in progress. I have a reference photo, sketch, and a bunch of painted papers that I’m using for my skin, eyes, hair, and clothing. I plan to have the entire thing finished this week. I’ll post it on class’ project page once I’m done.

Part of my paper stash.

Part of my paper stash.





Want in on the fun? Join me!

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Collages That Capture the Imagination of Young Folks

Manon Gauthier

I love all different types of illustration, but my preferred way of working will always be in collage. I look at these illustrations by Manon Gauthier, and I’m reminded why I love mixed media so much. She’s got a lot of interesting things happening – especially with layering. Small, individual pieces of paper are drawn, painted, and cut, then put together like a glorious puzzle.

Manon is a Montreal native and a self-taught illustrator. She worked in the graphic design field for more than 15 years, and decided to devote herself to making books for young people in 2006. Since then, she’s won numerous awards for her illustrations.

Manon Gauthier Manon Gauthier ManonGauthier-9 ManonGauthier-4 ManonGauthier-2 ManonGauthier-3 ManonGauthier-7 ManonGauthier-6 ManonGauthier-5 ManonGauthier-8

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Exquisite Illustrations Created by Drawing with Thread

Annalisa Bollini

This past weekend, while watching the latest episode of Mad Men, I started a new embroidery. It’s my first one in many months! It feels good, ya’ll. Just like the work of Annalisa Bollini. The Italian illustrator creates these mixed media scenes that are a combination of embroidery, appliqué , and paper bits. She has exquisite line work that’s made with tiny stitches, and I love how it’s a substitute for a pen or pencil.

Annalisa has prints of her work for sale in her Etsy shop. You’ll find brooches there, too.

And… one last that’s apt, especially since it’s Friday. Annalisa gives this sage advice on her website: If you don’t know what to do, eat some chocolate!

AnnalisaBollini-4 AnnalisaBollini-12 AnnalisaBollini-2 AnnalisaBollini-1 AnnalisaBollini-10 AnnalisaBollini-8 AnnalisaBollini-6 AnnalisaBollini-11 AnnalisaBollini-7 AnnalisaBollini-9 AnnalisaBollini-5

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Insanely-Detailed Paper Animal Masks by Mlle Hipolyte

Mlle Hipolyte

Photo credit: La Photographerie

Look at all of these tiny pieces of paper! French illustrator and paper designer Mlle Hipolyte created these gorgeous animals masks that are awe-inspiring in their intricate details. Seriously. Just take a look at the individually-folded pieces of paper layered on top of one another. They build a colorful, tactile form that mimics fur.

Mlle produces 2D illustrations, too. Check out their Behance and Facebook for more.


Photo credit: La Photographerie


Photo credit: La Photographerie


Photo credit: La Photographerie


Photo credit: La Photographerie


Photo credit: La Photographerie


Photo credit: La Photographerie


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It’s over (for Now): More Collage Scrap Exchange Submissions

I can’t believe it! The Collage Scrap Exchange is over. Submissions were due on March 15, and I’m happy to say that we’ve received so many awesome collages. Seriously. I am blown away by the quality and creativeness that everyone put forth.

Here are more submissions I’ve received, and you can see just how varied the styles and subjects are. Papirmass and I are going to have a hard time picking a winner!

In addition to this blog, I’m posting every submission we’ve received on the Collage Scrap Exchange website. I average about 20 – 25 entries a day and should finish adding everything within the next couple of weeks (we received well over 500).

Participants, I hope you had fun, and I can’t thank you enough for all the time, energy and enthusiasm for this project. If you didn’t get the chance to swap, well, have no fear. I’m definitely going to do this again (later this year)!

See past submissions posts here, here, and here.

Carlotta Speroni

Carlotta Speroni

Please note: These are merely selec­tion of sub­mis­sions, and their inclu­sion in this post has no impact on the over­all out­come of the #col­lage­con­test with Papir­mass.

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Adorable Assemblages Beautifullly Tie Together Disparate Matrials

blanca helgaSpanish illustrator Blanca Helga takes seemingly disparate materials – cardboard, painted papers, string, and packaging – and assembles it all into adorable collages. Hansel and Gretel, smiling horses, colorful dragons, and googly-eyed flying creatures all make an appearance in her work.

I’m a big fan of shapes and how they’re designed, and this aspect is some of my favorite parts of Blanca’s work. I love how she takes oddly-formed cardboard and papers piece and transforms them into heads and bodies. The small bits of string and paper also give me the distinct feeling that she’s “painting” with scissors (or torn edges).

blanca helga blanca-helga blanca helga blancahelga-3 blancahelga-5 blancahelga-4 blancahelga-8 blanca1

The following images are from Blanca’s Self Portrait Project. Her portrait fits into a small, neat book that uses transparencies to layer flowers and different shapes. Very cool!



10 (More) Submissions From the Collage Scrap Exchange

Happy Friday, ya’ll! I figured it’s a fine time to post some more Collage Scrap Exchange submissions. At this point, I’ve received so many (hundreds upon hundreds!), and not sharing at least some felt like a crime. Here are 10 submissions! Remember, the extended deadline is March 15.

Thank you, to everyone, who has submitted a collage so far. I’m delighted to see all of the creative ways you used your scraps and interpreted the New Landscapes theme. While I can’t share all of the images on Brown Paper Bag, all entries will be on display on the Collage Scrap Exchange website once the deadline passes.

See past submission posts here and here.

Kelly Hayes

Kelly Hayes

Karen Lynch

Karen Lynch. Read more about Karen’s collage!

Please note: These are merely selection of submissions, and their inclusion in this post has no impact on the overall outcome of the #collagecontest with Papirmass.

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Collages Split Someone’s Head Open with Beautiful Results

laurindo feliciano

Vintage books, magazines, and postcards inspire Brazilian artist and illustrator Laurindo Feliciano. Using these elements, he creates images that are both surreal and nostalgic. The combination (and often collision) of people, flora, and fauna result in pictures that we’ve never seen before.

Laurindo’s arrangements are mysterious, beautiful, and weird, like when he splits open someone’s head to reveal a bouquet of flowers. Stuff like that is what makes photographic collages great. Photography grounds things in (our) reality, but these types of works turn it on its head using simple-but-clever manipulations.

PS! I found Laurindo’s work via the Brown Paper Bag submissions page.

laurindo-feliciano-14 laurindo-feliciano-13 laurindo-feliciano-12 laurindo-feliciano-11 laurindo-feliciano-8 laurindo-feliciano-7 laurindo-feliciano-10 laurindo-feliciano-4 laurindo-feliciano-3 laurindo-feliciano-2 laurindo-feliciano-1 laurindo-feliciano-9

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13 Submissions from the Collage Scrap Exchange (Pt. 2)

Each day, I receive more and more submissions from those who participated in the Collage Scrap Exchange. It’s great! I am always so excited to see the creative things that ya’ll came up with (and sent each other!). Here are a selection of 13 I’ve received so far. Check out my other earlier post that features 6 submissions.

A reminder to those who are participating: the deadline is February 15. That’s less than a month! You can email me your submissions once you’re done. I can’t wait to see them!

I’ll leave you with one very awesome email I received from participant Beth Maiden about her experience.

My friend Polly and I booked a teeny-tiny cabin in the hills of mid-Wales for the weekend – I thought this would be the perfect time to do my collage. It snowed and we woke up to a total wintery wonderland. We went out in the snow for long walk, then came home, stoked up the fire, put on the radio and got busy with scissors and glue. It was so blissful.

That sounds amazing!

Collages by Polly

Collages by Polly

Polly working on her collages!

Polly working on her collages!