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Silhouettes by Eugenia Zoloto Transform Oridinary Portraits into Splendorous Nature Scenes

Eugenia Zoloto

Using an X-Acto knife and some careful cutting, Ukraine-based artist Eugenia Zoloto creates intricate silhouettes out of twisting vines, beautiful blooms, and winged insects. The large, lacy portraits—around 15 inches by 11 inches—look stunning against a range of backdrops (check out the vibrant green grass, below). Some of them are now available in Eugenia’s Etsy shop, where you can frame them however you like.

Eugenia Zoloto

Eugenia Zoloto





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Mlle Hipolyte Now Sells Her Meticulous Cut Paper Creations on Etsy (Yay!)


Mlle Hipolyte is one of my favorite cut-paper artists working today. I love the meticulousness of her sculptures and the mask-like appearance that they all have. Their exaggerated colors and features give Mlle’s pieces a cartoonish quality, injecting some whimsy into her animal characters.

Mlle has recently opened an Etsy shop where she sells her handmade creations. There, you can purchase hang able busts of pandas, bears, foxes,  and more. In addition, she also features DIY kits to make your own low-poly owls. Fun!

Check out Mlle’s gigantic cut-paper mural that she made last summer.



Mlle Hipolyte

Mlle Hipolyte

Mlle Hipolyte








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2 Intricate Cut Paper Illustrations to Admire

If you’ve read this blog for even a little while, you know that I’m a big fan of cut paper illustrations. These are two projects—by different illustrators—that I’ve enjoyed, and I thought you would too!

If you follow me on Tumblr or Instagram, then you’ve seen part of these before. Follow me to see daily illustrations that don’t always make it on here!

Sonia Poli:



Pergy Acuña:




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Cut Paper Portraits Transform Pets into 17th Century Aristocrats

People Too

People love their pets, so naturally, they have artworks made in their honor. Russian-based illustrators Alexey Lyapunov and Lena Erlich— aka People Too—created a delightful series that imagines their clients’ animals as decorated war heroes, dainty ladies, and learned fellows.  They’re totally imaginative and constructed entirely out of paper. The creative pair layered colors and cutouts, producing 3D portraits reminiscent of historical paintings from the 17th or 18th century.  Check out their work in progress below!

People Too

People Too







Paper Craft

Sweet Sentiments in Cut Paper Illustrations by Jotaká


Ya’ll know I love cut paper illustrations. So, imagine my delight when I discovered the work of Jotaká, an illustrator from Valencia, Spain. His project called La siesta is a personal project “about hugs, the importance and the ideal time to receive them.” The bright portraits are a tangle of limbs as people wrap their arms around each other in a loving embrace. Not only humans, though, but other things, too—cats, dogs, books, and records.

There are couple of things I really enjoy about Jotaká’s series: one is the sweet sentiment that the images convey; another is the stylistic choice of layering the paper shapes to create some depth and three dimensionality.

FYI — I first posted La siesta on my Tumblr last Thursday night. Follow it for some fun illustration extras!



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Elsa Mora’s Exquisite Cut Paper “Winter Wonderland”

Elsa Mora

With Christmas only a week away, it feels very appropriate to share this magnificent cut-paper creation by Elsa Mora. I somewhat-recently shared her amazing Garden of Books, and she’s back with another intricately-detailed piece. This one is titled Winter Wonderland which features the cross section of a house that’s all decked out for the holidays. There are so many lovely things in this work, and I’m always in awe that Elsa overlooks nothing. Even the lampshade has a tiny pattern on it!

Winter Wonderland is currently on display at the MoMA Design Store until the end of the year. So, if you’re local to NYC, stop by and check it out (and tell me how it looks in person!).

Elsa Moraelsa-mora1

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Katrin Rodegast’s Detailed Paper-Sculpted Illustrations

katrin rodegast

Katrin Rodegast is a German illustrator who creates cut-paper sculptures that are later photographed to create a 2D image. Using bright, solid colors she builds intimate scenes, delectable edibles, and revealing portraits.

When done well, I’m a big fan of paper-sculpted illustrations. They’re tactile and neat to look at, often with a lot of interesting details peppered throughout. Just take a look at the tiny apps on the iPhone or taped papers to the wall. Delightful.

katrin rodegast


kartin-rodegast8 katrin-rodegast4katrin-rodegast6 katrin-rodegast3 katrin-rodegast5 katrin-rodegast2


Elsa Mora’s Incredible Cut Paper “Garden of Books”

elsa mora

Ya’ll, I am so impressed with this cut paper sculpture by artist Elsa Mora; the details within it are incredible! Using just acid-free paper and glue, she creates depth and texture through well-placed cuts and minuscule, hand-punched holes. Close-up shots reveal wonderful things like the tiniest decorated books on a shelf. Get lost in this piece titled Garden of Books.

You might be familiar with Mora via her excellent blog, Art is a Way. If you don’t read it, I highly recommend that you start. It’s one of my go-to blogs, and it features ceramics, artists, crafts, and more.

elsa moraelsa-mora6elsa-mora2elsa-mora3elsa-mora-77elsa-mora8elsa-mora10elsa-mora9


Jared Andrew Schorr



I featured the work of Jared Andrew Schorr many years ago, when I first started this blog. I’ve been following him on Twitter and keeping up with his work ever since. Jared works with cut paper, using a lot of flat colors and a little bit of texture.  The emphasis is on shape design and shadow.  Because he layers his papers, wonderful drop shadows appear behind the different elements of his work giving it a slight sculptural effect.

Jared’s work is very smiley, and recently he’s taken on clients in the educational sphere. He’s also illustrated a lot of cartoon characters, including Adventure Time, one of my favorites!

All images via his blog.



jared2 jared3 jared4