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Elsa Mora’s Exquisite Cut Paper “Winter Wonderland”

With Christ­mas only a week away, it feels very appro­pri­ate to share this mag­nif­i­cent cut-paper cre­ation by Elsa Mora. I somewhat-recently shared her amaz­ing Gar­den of Books, and she’s back with another intricately-detailed piece. This one is titled Win­ter Won­der­land which fea­tures the cross sec­tion of a house that’s all decked out for the hol­i­days. There are so many lovely things […]

Katrin Rodegast’s Detailed Paper-Sculpted Illustrations

Katrin Rode­gast is a Ger­man illus­tra­tor who cre­ates cut-paper sculp­tures that are later pho­tographed to cre­ate a 2D image. Using bright, solid col­ors she builds inti­mate scenes, delec­table edi­bles, and reveal­ing por­traits. When done well, I’m a big fan of paper-sculpted illus­tra­tions. They’re tac­tile and neat to look at, often with a lot of interesting […]

Elsa Mora’s Incredible Cut Paper “Garden of Books”

Ya’ll, I am so impressed with this cut paper sculp­ture by artist Elsa Mora; the details within it are incred­i­ble! Using just acid-free paper and glue, she cre­ates depth and tex­ture through well-placed cuts and minus­cule, hand-punched holes. Close-up shots reveal won­der­ful things like the tini­est dec­o­rated books on a shelf. Get lost in this piece […]

Jared Andrew Schorr

  I fea­tured the work of Jared Andrew Schorr many years ago, when I first started this blog. I’ve been fol­low­ing him on Twit­ter and keep­ing up with his work ever since. Jared works with cut paper, using a lot of flat col­ors and a lit­tle bit of tex­ture.  The empha­sis is on shape design […]