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Elsa Mora’s Exquisite Cut Paper “Winter Wonderland”

Elsa Mora

With Christ­mas only a week away, it feels very appro­pri­ate to share this mag­nif­i­cent cut-paper cre­ation by Elsa Mora. I somewhat-recently shared her amaz­ing Gar­den of Books, and she’s back with another intricately-detailed piece. This one is titled Win­ter Won­der­land which fea­tures the cross sec­tion of a house that’s all decked out for the hol­i­days. There are so many lovely things in this work, and I’m always in awe that Elsa over­looks noth­ing. Even the lamp­shade has a tiny pat­tern on it!

Win­ter Won­der­land is cur­rently on dis­play at the MoMA Design Store until the end of the year. So, if you’re local to NYC, stop by and check it out (and tell me how it looks in person!).

Elsa Moraelsa-mora1

Illustrator, Sculpture

Katrin Rodegast’s Detailed Paper-Sculpted Illustrations

katrin rodegast

Katrin Rode­gast is a Ger­man illus­tra­tor who cre­ates cut-paper sculp­tures that are later pho­tographed to cre­ate a 2D image. Using bright, solid col­ors she builds inti­mate scenes, delec­table edi­bles, and reveal­ing portraits.

When done well, I’m a big fan of paper-sculpted illus­tra­tions. They’re tac­tile and neat to look at, often with a lot of inter­est­ing details pep­pered through­out. Just take a look at the tiny apps on the iPhone or taped papers to the wall. Delightful.

katrin rodegast


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Elsa Mora’s Incredible Cut Paper “Garden of Books”

elsa mora

Ya’ll, I am so impressed with this cut paper sculp­ture by artist Elsa Mora; the details within it are incred­i­ble! Using just acid-free paper and glue, she cre­ates depth and tex­ture through well-placed cuts and minus­cule, hand-punched holes. Close-up shots reveal won­der­ful things like the tini­est dec­o­rated books on a shelf. Get lost in this piece titled Gar­den of Books.

You might be famil­iar with Mora via her excel­lent blog, Art is a Way. If you don’t read it, I highly rec­om­mend that you start. It’s one of my go-to blogs, and it fea­tures ceram­ics, artists, crafts, and more.

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Jared Andrew Schorr



I fea­tured the work of Jared Andrew Schorr many years ago, when I first started this blog. I’ve been fol­low­ing him on Twit­ter and keep­ing up with his work ever since. Jared works with cut paper, using a lot of flat col­ors and a lit­tle bit of tex­ture.  The empha­sis is on shape design and shadow.  Because he lay­ers his papers, won­der­ful drop shad­ows appear behind the dif­fer­ent ele­ments of his work giv­ing it a slight sculp­tural effect.

Jared’s work is very smi­ley, and recently he’s taken on clients in the edu­ca­tional sphere. He’s also illus­trated a lot of car­toon char­ac­ters, includ­ing Adven­ture Time, one of my favorites!

All images via his blog.



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