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Vicki Turner’s Minimalist Illustrations Inspired by Wandering

Vicki Turner is a designer, illus­tra­tor, and maker who has a pas­sion for the nat­ural world. Her refresh­ing style is the result of a few years of world­wide wan­der­ing, and she brings sto­ries to life in a smart, abstract way. Vicki uses sym­bols and min­i­mal­ist design to tell com­plex tales that have mul­ti­ple way of […]

Sandra Fettingis Expresses Relationships Via Bold Geometry

Denver-based artist San­dra Fet­tingis cre­ates bold sculp­tures, instal­la­tions, and murals using a vari­ety of geo­met­ric shapes. “…I strive to demon­strate rela­tion­ships, com­mu­ni­ca­tion, change, and mind­ful atten­tion,” she writes in an artist state­ment. “I mix and layer mate­ri­als such as acrylic, styrene, wood, paper and paint, and uti­lize the laser for its pre­ci­sion, while for­mu­lat­ing sys­tem­atic guidelines, […]

Kitiya Palaskas’ Craft-Based Pizza (+More) Designs

Kitiya Palaskas is a craft-based designer who cre­ates play­ful, col­or­ful objects. Amy first intro­duced me to her work via Insta­gram. And, I was hooked! They are fun, felt and crepe paper-centric objects and pen­dants. I love how she takes these mate­ri­als beyond birth­day party dec­o­ra­tions and trans­forms them into delicious-looking designs that caught the eye of companies […]

Denis Lelic’s Daily Routine in Pictograms

How would you describe your day, and would you ever think of express­ing it through the objects/icons you encounter? That’s what designer Denis Lelic did; He drew pic­tograms of his daily rou­tine, which fea­tures a sand­wich, cereal, light­bulbs, an office chair, and more. They are sim­ple, black and white draw­ings that focus on the most […]

Maaike Bakker’s Colorfully Bizzare Illustrations

The work of South African illus­tra­tor Maaike Bakker is some­times silly, some­times abstract, and always very inter­est­ing. It seems to take inspi­ra­tion from folk art and myth­i­cal tales, pit­ting beasts against one another in these styl­ish and col­or­ful com­po­si­tions. Enjoy the plethora of inter­est­ing col­ors and tex­tures. You’ve earned it. All images via her Behance […]