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The “World’s Smallest Portfolio” Fits on the Tip of Your Finger

michael lester
When you’re trying to promote yourself, you often have to figure out how to “cut through the noise,” and do something/have that’ll make you stand out above the rest.  Illustrator Michael Lester certainly accomplished this with his unforgettable “world’s smallest portfolio.” It’s so small that the entire thing can fit on the tip of your finger!

Michael’s project was created as part of a brief set by jelly London for the D&AD New Blood Festival. They wanted to get students putting themselves out there and getting their worked noticed.

When coming up with this playful concept, Michael considered what was it about his work that he wanted people to talk about. He tells jelly London, “For me, ideas have always come before style, so to communicate that I was an ideas-driven visual communicator I decided to shrink my portfolio, in size and content, leaving just a tiny book of visual ideas.”

michael lester
michael lester

Design, Illustration

Vicki Turner’s Minimalist Illustrations Inspired by Wandering

Vicki Turner

Vicki Turner is a designer, illustrator, and maker who has a passion for the natural world. Her refreshing style is the result of a few years of worldwide wandering, and she brings stories to life in a smart, abstract way. Vicki uses symbols and minimalist design to tell complex tales that have multiple way of interpretation.

In addition to 2D illustrations, Vicki also makes things. Her shape-centric work lends itself well to accessories like the pin below. Perfect for someone who has wanderlust!

Vicki Turner Vicki Turner - Final Vicki-Turner-6 Vicki-Turner-5 Vicki-Turner-7 Vicki-Turner-4

Artist, Sculpture

Sandra Fettingis Expresses Relationships Via Bold Geometry

Sandra Fettingis

Denver-based artist Sandra Fettingis creates bold sculptures, installations, and murals using a variety of geometric shapes. “…I strive to demonstrate relationships, communication, change, and mindful attention,” she writes in an artist statement. “I mix and layer materials such as acrylic, styrene, wood, paper and paint, and utilize the laser for its precision, while formulating systematic guidelines, repetition and purposefully restrained color palettes.”

Sandra strives to combine art and architecture seamlessly. Her beautiful pieces, strong shapes are a perfect match with beams, floorboards, and of course, walls.

sandra-1 sandra-2 sandra-5 sandra-7 sandra-6sandra-9 sandra-10 Sandra Fettingis Sandra Fettingis


Kitiya Palaskas’ Craft-Based Pizza (+More) Designs

Kitiya Palaskas

Kitiya Palaskas is a craft-based designer who creates playful, colorful objects. Amy first introduced me to her work via Instagram. And, I was hooked! They are fun, felt and crepe paper-centric objects and pendants. I love how she takes these materials beyond birthday party decorations and transforms them into delicious-looking designs that caught the eye of companies like Etsy, West Elm, and many more.

Check out her blog for works in progress and to see what Kitiya finds inspirational.

Kitiya Palaskaskitias-kitias-2 kitias-3 kitias-14

kitias-6kitias-7kitias-5kitias-12 kitias-13



Denis Lelic’s Daily Routine in Pictograms

Denis LelicHow would you describe your day, and would you ever think of expressing it through the objects/icons you encounter? That’s what designer Denis Lelic did; He drew pictograms of his daily routine, which features a sandwich, cereal, lightbulbs, an office chair, and more. They are simple, black and white drawings that focus on the most significant details for easy, quick recognition. Lelic writes about his series and states, “Its hard to track every single detail over a day, but here are some points of mine expressed through pictograms and later posters. Some of them are a bit comic but they were my association and triggers for my memories.”

All images via his Behance. H/T to the Explore blog.

Denis Lelic Denis Lelic
Denis Lelicsandwich doorHere they all are, in order left to right, top to bottom. all


Maaike Bakker’s Colorfully Bizzare Illustrations


The work of South African illustrator Maaike Bakker is sometimes silly, sometimes abstract, and always very interesting. It seems to take inspiration from folk art and mythical tales, pitting beasts against one another in these stylish and colorful compositions. Enjoy the plethora of interesting colors and textures. You’ve earned it.

All images via her Behance page.

sloth maaike3 maaike4maaike11 Maaike Bakker Maaike Bakker Maaike Bakker Maaike BakkerBONUS: Maaike creates identities. I love the illustrative yet designy nature of them:

Print maaike10